Thursday, January 30, 2014

Books that will make you braver (than you already are)

What is brave anyway?

Our brother-in-law fears flying. Over 10 years ago, he threw up after a 2-hour flight, and hasn't flown since. People think he is a coward because of that, but they are wrong.

Our brother-in-law is on the SWAT team, and risks his life everyday to protect the gang-infested streets of one of America's toughest neighborhoods. His job entails getting shot at by dangerous people, and he has had more close calls than his wife would like to know about. But fighting crime is what he wanted to do since he was a child, and no one could stop him from living that dream.

He's not brave for being able to stand up to murderers and drug lords, though we appreciate him for doing that. He's brave because he knew exactly what he wanted and chased after it, despite a high probability of getting hurt along the way.

You are brave.

Little by little, step by step, you make your dream come true. You will get hurt, but you will not falter.

Girl, you got this. You know it.

Books that will make you braver than you already are:

1. Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

By Marcus Luttrell


I refuse to see Lone Survivor, the movie!

I'll cry. And I don't cry in public.

Luttrell isn't the best writer, but events in the book were first-hand accounts, so he sounded convincing still.

The story is about four SEALs headed into a reconnaissance mission, but were discovered and attacked by over a hundred Al Qaeda recruits. The team was surrounded from three sides -- no way they could've made it out.

Luttrell was the only survivor from the attack, and has since made his life's mission to honor fallen team mates by telling the story.

The most touching part of the book was during the attack: the bravery, selflessness and skill of the soldiers were incredible to read about. I don't know how four people can fend off an army for hours on straight, but I guess will power is something of a wonder.

My favorite part, however, was when the SEALs were discovered by four Al Queda dressed as goat herders. The soldiers could have easily killed them -- and they wanted to -- but the "goat herders" were unarmed. So they let the enemy go, even if it meant costing their own lives.

I understand that you probably aren't into military books, and are sick of the war. But I hope you read this one, and find yourself making the same decision as these four brave soldiers did, if you ever face a similar situation.

People always say they will do the right thing. But what will they do when the right thing sends them to death?

You can find the book here.

2. Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business: How to Launch and Grow a Business from Concept to Cash

In all honesty, I prefer the Sharks' personal stories better. I've read Barbara Corcoran's biographies -- so good -- and plan to read Daymond John's book on branding.

This particular Shark Tank book gets dull at times, but provides useful resources in step-by-step, checklist manner. I also like how the book consistently involves the Sharks, each giving practical advice through out every chapter.

I've noticed an entrepreneurial spirit within each fashion and beauty blog I read, and that's why I recommend this book. I feel that fellow bloggers can gain a lot from it. Perhaps motivation that leads to bigger and better things?

Below is my favorite part of the book, a message from Billionaire Mark Cuban:

"The only reason I'm successful is because I outworked everyone else. I worked jobs I didn't like. I worked jobs I loved but that had no chance of becoming careers. I worked jobs that barely paid the rent...with every mistake and failure...I learned what not to do..."

"...The point is that it doesn't matter how many times you strike out. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you."

You can find the book here.

3. Divergent Series

By Veronica Roth


16-year old Beatrice Prior lives in a dystopian Chicago, where society is divided into five factions, each cultivating a particular virtue: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent).

Beatrice must choose a faction that she will forever serve. Will she remain at her birth place of Abnegation, and stay with her family, or will she join another?

She chooses Dauntless. But she is not Dauntless -- she is Divergent. She is brave, and selfless, and intelligent, and honest, and peaceful. She is one of the few who holds all virtues.

Divergents are not well-liked. They are murdered. Beatrice must keep her identity hidden.

She is now a Dauntless initiate. They are watching her. Will she live?

Divergent is eerily similar to the Hunger Games.

Especially with a young, strong female protagonist. But I like Divergent better, because factions are separated by personality and not product -- something most people identify with. I also like that each person can choose his or her destiny.

I like Beatrice better too, because she's not wishy-washy between two boys. She has stronger character.

I like the leading male too. His quiet confidence reminds me of my husband.

Divergent is a fast read that you can easily finish in one weekend. I highly recommend it to people seeking an entertaining time.

I'm already onto the second book, Insurgent, and it's equally addictive. You can find the series here

Let's pretend you're in the book.

Which faction would you choose, Girlie Blogger?



Dauntless. For sure.


However, I'd rather be Divergent.


Wouldn't you?



  1. My sister is crazy about Divergent, she talks about it all the time :D I'm not a big fan of these dystopian stories thought. 1984 was the best and most depressing dystopia book for me, nothing can top that :D Thank you for sharing these, I'll check them out!
    Btw, I'm afraid of flying too. I keep remembering all those stupid documentaries I watched, like "Airplane travels gone wrong" etc....Boyfriend keeps throwing some statistics, to cheer me up, it never works, I'm always panicked and paranoid :D

  2. Interesting post, I liked the Hunger Games series so I imagine Divergent would be a book I'd enjoy :) xx

  3. Looks like i gonna need some of this book! i have strong fear for some certain things for some reason..

  4. I loved this post. the lines ...The point is that it doesn't matter how many times you strike out. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and neither should you.", especially made me think. sigh :)

  5. Inspirational read, even though he's not my favorite Mark Cuban's quote is very strong. We're all brave!

  6. your brother-in-law is awesome. one should not be judged by an event. i've never read these books. thanks! these are so interesting and may i add helpful.

  7. thank you for this :) I'm working on my driving phobia and it's hard saying it to people and them not understanding at all
    The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog

  8. I love the quote from the shark tank about inspiring and so true!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  9. Great post. I love your blog so much! Have a great day :)


  10. What a wonderful, refreshing post! I have been wanting a few good books to read and these seem like the perfect complement! I am particularly intrigued with #2...thank you for sharing! <3

    <3 Mandy xx

  11. Love this post !
    Keep in touch!
    Hope you would join my international giveaway (only a few days left):

    Kaiyo Aino Blog

  12. I have the Divergent series to read next and can't wait to finish my current book to get started on it! I've heard so many good things and although its similar to the hunger games I really don't care as I loved them.

    Great post, I'm always looking for new reads and the Survivor book sounds really good!

  13. This is such a refreshing post!!
    I really need to get into reading more hehe. Divergent seems like such a good book/movie!!
    I really want to see it!

  14. This is such a refreshing post!!
    I really need to get into reading more hehe. Divergent seems like such a good book/movie!!
    I really want to see it!

  15. This is such a refreshing post!!
    I really need to get into reading more hehe. Divergent seems like such a good book/movie!!
    I really want to see it!

  16. great book suggestions!! I'm looking into starting that divergent series of books. :)

    Animated Confessions

  17. I did like Divergent! And, I would definitely love the Shark Tank one, I love that show, so I will have to catch up on my new reads soon. Thanks for this post. /Madison :)

  18. I'm not really one for self-help books but that Shark Tank one looks pretty interesting.

    7% Solution

  19. Peek a boo! That's such an honor to know someone like your brother-in-law. It's a great reminder and example of what we can achieve ;) BTW, congrats seahawks!!

  20. I've watched a trailer for this movie and it seemed interesting. I think we would all like to have as many virtues as possible:) The concept of the book is certainly interesting. Even in our world, people who are successful in many areas as sometimes eyed suspiciously.


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