Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Casual Chic Attire - Make Date Night Happen! (Fashion Blog Post)

All parents need date nights.

After our first was born, it took my husband and I almost an entire year to learn this lesson -- but better late than never. We now go on a date night once every two months.

Staying home with a new baby for months on straight drove us nuts! Dinner-bath-bed, dinner-bath-bed -- every single night. It didn't help that we lived in a pretty happening part of town, just a few blocks from bars and restaurants. Every time a young couple paraded by, chuckling and holding hands and dressed for a fun night out, we were reminded of lost freedom.

Go out then. What's wrong with you?

Childcare costs a lot of money! Going rate for our previous neighborhood was $12 three years ago, and $15 now. Sounds pricy, but $15 is actually the proposed minimum wage for the city of Seattle. A 3-hour dinner, then, would sum up to $45. Add food and drinks at a decent restaurant, we might as well give up groceries for the next week.

Also, date nights require planning. Because we spent so much time on the baby, neither my husband nor I wanted to give up personal time to coordinate a date.

Apparently, we weren't the only couple who traded romance for laziness: according to journalist Laura Vanderkam (of, women "got sick of planning it." They got sick of figuring out schedules, interviewing sitters, and eventually gave up.

For me and my husband, though, the main issue was trust. No way did we feel comfortable leaving a brand new baby with some 22-year old.

But you can't go about life trusting no one.

Turns out that if you look in the right places, responsible 22-year olds are easy to find.

Miss K went to a well-known Christian college, worked at our gym, and both looked and behaved wholesomely. Not the type to invite boyfriends over and snort cocaine. Plus, she was the only 22-year old I know who spend Saturday nights with a bio-chemistry text book. She did such a good job, we invited her back several times before she left for medical school.

Friends' recommendations are best. Other resources include local communities like the gym, mom groups, Sunday schools, and small Christian campuses. Help is always available, if you're willing to reach out.

Still, date nights are so expensive!

But therapy costs more! Each session ranges from $100 - 300, according to And most likely, you'll go more than once, and then be recommended date nights anyway.

(Okay, you might not need therapy. Neither did my husband and I, but we sure got dull after months of diaper-changing.)

The importance of date nights lies not in going out and about, but rather in reconnecting within a quiet environment outside of the chaos at home. Sure you can cuddle up after the baby falls asleep, but at home, you're constantly reminded of day-to-day to do's. That's not romantic at all!

Dates nights are so important that, in some countries, they're being promoted by the government. Solveig Horne, Norway's new minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, began advocating date nights after seeing the country's divorce rate hit a staggering 40%. Horne herself endured a failed marriage, and learned from experience that "it is important to find small pockets of time where parents can be lovers."

Alright then. If date nights are important, then how can we cut cost?

Make friends! If you've no family to help, start building friendships with other parents, and swap kids. It's difficult for self-reliant adults with solid personalities and set ways to allow others in -- and it's especially hard to make friends as a couple -- but it's beneficial to try.

Also, date nights needn't be lavish. Instead of concerts, go to matinees; instead of fancy restaurants, go to local diners. It's about being together, not being impressive.

Oh look. You are all dressed up. Must be another date night.


Where did you go this time, Girlie Blogger from Seattle?

Happy Hour - another affordable option.

Anymore ideas to keep date nights affordable?

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  1. the look is excellent on you ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. hey! We definitely tried to do the date night swap with some friends. The kids all sleep through the night so the friend would come over and just sit on our couch for a few hours and then, my husband or I would go over to their place the next time. I agree...paying for sitters is so expensive!! and then date costs on top of that. :( Lost freedom....:(

  3. I love your outfit.
    Your boots are awesome. :)

  4. nice date night outfit! I really love your purse!

  5. Very beautiful and chic look!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  6. cute look love it

  7. So true, darling!
    Love this look!


  8. Aw that's such a cute idea of having date night! I live in England and I can't quite imagine many people having date nights but I know the idea of 'date night' is very popular in America! I think its a great idea (:

    Love your outfit aswell x

    Jess xx

  9. Absolutely on the same page here. Even tough I don't have a kid, I believe people in serious relationships should go out from time to time, which is often neglected. I've been with dah boyfriend for 4 years and it feels like hell of a lot time. He doesn't like going out, but force him to :D
    You're such a hottie in the photo <3

  10. Oh this ensemble is great! So stylish and practical too. Thanks for your visit and comments about my awesome $3 tights! Yes, just $3. I am always on the hunt at Savers in their 'non-opened packages of donated tights'. It is the best. lol

  11. great accessories ! necklace , bag and boots all on point.

  12. you look absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! Gosh, I love your outfit, accessories and your hair is so gorgeous! i don't have children or a husband, but i've heard couples talk about this. it does require planning. going out is so costly, so it's important to plan. you guys definitely have it figured out. great post!

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  14. look like million bucks girl!! Love the subtle glam here! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  15. I love your outfit. Beautiful dress and beautiful styling. Love the boots! :)

  16. you look amazing and as a mom to a 18-month old, i can also attest to the fact that date nights are so crucial! we went on our first date night when my son was 3 months old as I was in a wedding. fortunately i had my mother-in-law in town to take care of the baby. so far our date nights have always coincided with family being in town and we've been eternally grateful.

    cute & little

  17. So I'm going to try to keep this comment short. I came here, as I do to many blogs, to take a quick look at your content, and, if I liked it, to leave a quick comment letting you know that I enjoyed your post and then leave a quick link to my own blog. However, I scrolled down a little bit and saw your new year post about surprising things you learned about blogging. Other than the fact that it was a very well-written and interesting read, your authenticity has really inspired me. I love that you're very open and I feel like I already understand how you portray yourself even though I've only read two posts on your blog.

    I wish you and your husband many, many happy years together and I am sure that you are fantastic parents. I can't wait to read more of your blog, your point of view is so refreshing! I just started my own blog a little over one week ago, so I'm very new to all of this, but I must say that your blog is something special. You're definitely the first blog I've ever written such a novel of a comment on!


  18. love your advice!! such a cute outfit! i especially love your leopard clutch so saucy! perfect for date night ;p

  19. You are super stylish!!!
    Happy friday doll!!

  20. Very true. Super cute outfit & you look amazing!! xx

  21. We are right there with you guys!! It's so hard to squeeze in time, find a sitter then be able to afford how much it costs to pay a sitter and have a fun night out. Luckily our parents only live a few hours away, so if we know well enough in advance we can ask them to come stay with us and watch the girls. Great post and tips...and a reminder for all of us parents out there!! :)

  22. I don't usually like browns and grey together but this combination is perfect. I love it!

  23. I like your look! I babysit for a family that had become like a second family to me! I love their kids, and 1 of their kids was named after me! I think date nights are very important for couples, especially after marriage!

  24. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous :D

    Nathan and I very rarely have a date night. If I suggest it he just comes back with "Let's have takeaway" Lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  25. great necklace!
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  26. Lovely outfit!!!

    YSL giveaway on my blog :)


  27. Beautiful look! Love the pictures!


  28. You look so chic, i love it, lovely post.


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