Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekend Recommend - Workout in Style (Fashion Blog Post)

Is it me or are gym clothes more fashionable nowadays?

For those of you who resolute to get in better shape, you can now work out and look stylish. From a stay-at-home mom who wear gym clothes all day, below are tried-and-true workout clothes with both function and fashion.

1. Champion Compression Sports Bra

I've purchased about 5 of these -- two of which I currently wear.

For running, I've tried Adidas, Nike, DKNY...all comfortable sports bras, but Champion Compression provides the best support. With other brands I had to wear an additional bra under, otherwise the "girls" bounced all over the place. With Champion Compression, moving parts stayed in place.

I've stuck with Champion since day one, and it's been about five years.

Please know that, like others, this sports bra does stretch out, and might tear over time. But overall -- and as much as I use it -- it offers quality at fair price.

You can find it here if you're interested.

2. Femme Fitale Fitness Gloves

I belong to a Twitter group called #fitspo, or "Fit Inspiration." (If you use Twitter, look up #fitspo or #fitfam.) The group provides daily motivation and healthy recipes. I would have never lost 20 pounds of baby weight without it.

One of the group's leading members shared her new fitness gloves, and they made my knees weak. As much as women love lifting like men and feeling strong, we still want to look like ladies. (Ever heard the saying "look like a beauty, train like a beast?")

Not only will the gloves save your hands from roughing up, they have stylish design. Personally I prefer the leopard.

You can find them here.

3. Nike flex running shoes

Once a Nike fan, always a Nike fan. For running shoes, there's none other than Nike. And within Nike, the best I've tried are Nike Flex.

What makes the Flex better than other Nike running shoes is that they feel extremely light. With others, I always felt like I was running with rocks on my feet, but with the Flex, my feet were light as air.

Speed hasn't improved but the shoes feel awesome, and that's all I ask for now. Find them here: Nike Flex Running Shoes.

4. Champion Running jacket

Seattle weather is just breezy enough for a good run. All you need is a light jacket, and Champion makes a good one.

I like how this jacket is fitted, breathable and moisture-proof. Plus, it's cute too.

Find it at Champion Sports Jacket.

5. Calvin Klein Performace Leggings

Every woman has the right to a pair of body-trimming leggings.

I love these Calvins -- I really do. I bought mine after giving birth for the second time, and they instantly made tummy as flat as pre-pregnancy shape. For someone who just had a baby, and felt down about her body, these leggings provided instant pick-me-up.

Find them at Calvin Klein Women's Performace Leggings.

If I must choose, I'd go with the Nike Flex Running Shoes.

Your knees will thank you.

And I thank you for reading again.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Thank you for these tips, I'm always curious to have recommendations about sports gear! A wonderful weekend to you too! xxx

  2. Yeah, not to sound old, but back in my days, we went jogging basically in our pajamas. Aaah, those were the days :D

  3. Great post and tips!!!
    Happy sunday doll!!!

  4. I really agree, some gym clothes look so pretty
    great post

  5. Fab fitness selections, darling!
    I need those gloves!


  6. love to see what brands others love. I personally love Mika yoga wear since they're so comfy!

  7. That sports bra sounds really nice :D

  8. Gym wear is definitely more fashionable now. I love those Nike flex running shoes. I believe in a good sports bra and shoes.

  9. Lovely blog, yeah there are some cute gym clothes now!

  10. Great selection, gloves are so cool!
    Have a nice day!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  11. You are right, they are more fashionable nowadays!:) Im a bog fun of Nike running shoes, I only use them since are the best ever!:) Have a lovely week, kisses! xo

  12. Lovely selection!!!!
    Gym wear is one of my favorite clothes ;)
    The Indian Savage Diary

  13. Cute sports clothes are the best motivation to work out !

  14. Workout clothes have definitely gotten more stylish!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. I have that sports bra and it is my absolute favorite! I wear it everyday when lounge around in my house.

  16. thank you for the tips and inspiration, much needed while i try to get myself motivated to start exercising more regularly in the new year!!! :) xx

    rachel x

  17. i live in workout clothes on the weekends so I'm so glad that they're more fashionable these days!

    cute & little

  18. i'm on the lookout for new sneaks!

  19. more motivation to actually work out!! Love the colourful items!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  20. im just dying to go shopping for new gym clothes! awesome post, thanks for the inspiration!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram

  21. OHH this is an awesome post! one of my goals this year is to work out CONSISTENTLY lol!! and i always think that if i had cuter workout clothes (not baggy old tee shirts and sweatpants) that i would be more encouraged to work out lol!

  22. workout clothes are cuter...and more expensive! i recently signed up for my first marathon, so i've been totally fitness focused. seems all i've been doing lately is checking out new gear! i'm a nike fan, too!

  23. Tnx for visiting darling!
    Happy friday!!!!

  24. I'm glad gym clothes are fashionable at the moment!
    Have a nice weekend!!!

  25. I sometimes work out in raggedy old clothes but I always notice a difference when I work out in my "cute" attire. x

  26. The importance of a really good sports bra is underestimated! Thanks for sharing this! XO

  27. Workout clothes are a whole new wardrobe now...and you are right, it's so fashionable.

    I love those gloves!!!


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