Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Bridesmaid Trends (Fashion Blog Post)

By Hillary Marshall

Frumpy and unsightly bridesmaid dresses are a thing of the past as today’s modern brides-to-be want their bridal party to look stylish and feel good in what they are wearing. Many common design elements of cocktail dresses and formal eveningwear are translating into bridesmaid dresses to create looks that are both dynamic and practical. Before you choose what your bridal party will be wearing on your big day learn more about the hottest bridesmaid trends of 2013.

Lace Overlays

Lace is often used in the construction of bridal gowns, so it is only natural that the trend spill over into the construction of bridesmaid dresses. The use of a lace overlay adds an element of romance and femininity to any style dress that works well with both rustic and elegant themed events. Brides that are looking for a more traditional style may prefer bridesmaid dresses that have an translucent exterior that matches the color of the dress bodice; brides that favor the contemporary will love lace overlay gowns that are made with contrasting colors like black on pink, or green on ivory.

Similarly, illusion necklines are creating substantial waves among members of the wedding world, especially with the booming rise in wedding decor inspired by the Great Gatsby. An illusion neckline is simply a sheer or lace panel that covers an opening in the design of the dress, giving it a flirty air without showing too much skin. This design can also be adorned with beading to enhance the roaring 1920’s aesthetic that everyone is currently lusting after.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Dresses with an asymmetrical neckline, the most common being the one-shouldered style, are among the hottest bridesmaid trends of this year. This style has a Grecian feel and adds an energetic element to the photo shoot. With its universally flattering effects, it is no wonder that retailers like David’s Bridal and Persun are increasingly featuring this bridesmaid neckline.


Nothing sculpts a sexy silhouette like a flirty peplum dress (great for hiding soft middles). The peplum has a distinctively unique style with a form fitted bodice and short skirt that shapes the waist. Peplum bridesmaid dresses can be short or long, making it a wonderful choice for any season. Both retro and modern all in one, peplum bridesmaid dresses were all over the 2013 runways.

High-Low Hem

Dresses with a high-low hem combine the elegance of a long dress with the flirty fun of a short cocktail dress; this garment’s bottom is longer in the back then it is in the front. Many bridesmaids respond favorably to this style dress because it can easily be reused for another occasion. To make this style a little more playful and lot more summery, combine this trend in high-low hems right now combines a short dress with a sheer wrap around skirt.

2013 Bridesmaid Color Schemes

The most notable color trend for bridesmaids is mint, as it pairs well with black and white and accommodates on most complexions. Berry shades have also made quite the impact on the 2013 bridal runways, as have bright tropical hues like tangerine and lime. When deciding between various pigments, take into account whether your friends have warmer or cooler undertones in their skins, and consider embracing tones that flatter both, including eggplant, blacks, reds and teals.  

So whether you’re planning your upcoming exchanging of vows or are simply daydreaming of your fantasy nuptials, dress your favorite ladies in outfits that they’ll be gleeful to sport as bounce down the aisle.

Again, post was written by Hillary Marshall.


 Thank you, Hillary.

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  1. I love the high-low hem dress. The color is super gorgeous. Hope you and your girls are doing well.

  2. This is a great post! I love the Asymmetrical Necklines, High-low hem and the mint color! So lovely and adorable! :)

  3. oeeh the red dress is so beautiful! I love it :D


  4. Great post!! Some of these dresses can be used by non-bridesmaids too:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  5. great post! xo i do like the 1st one :)

  6. This is such a great post and you're so right that bad bridesmaid dresses don't have to happen anymore. I love the ones you picked especially mint and I'm so happy my bridesmaids just decided on the dress for them this past weekend. It took longer than the wedding dress. hehe


  7. Lovely dresses! Kisses


  8. I love the purple dress! Also, to me lace is timeless and versatile, and never goes out for style.


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