Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hot Styles of Summer 2013 (Fashion Blog Post)

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Hot Styles of Summer 2013, by Artissano

1. Printed Monokini

Confession: I've a tattoo on what used to be my abs. Even before pregnancy, I stayed away from showing my middle in a bikini. 

A monokini though? Heck yes!

The monokini below is sexy, colorful, and busily-printed. I'm liking the look.


2. High-Low Dress

Glad this high-low style is still in. Though I haven't tried it yet, I'm determined to do so this summer.


3. Jump Suit

Last time I wore a jump suit I was 21. It's time to bring it back.

4. Beach Hat

Remember my promise of better sun protection? A hat does that, especially a stylish one like the hat below.


5. Multi-stranded necklace

The multi-strand trend for necklace is new, and it gives a boho feel. I can see myself wearing the necklace below with a low-key tank.


6. Studded Clutch

Studs toughen up anything, and looks cool too. I like the studded clutch below because it doesn't have studs all over, and keeps it versatile with detachable straps.


7. Cut-Out Shoulders

Having shoulder cut-outs is a subtler way to look sexy. I already own a top with cut-out shoulders. Now I want to try a cut-out dress.


8. Sunglasses with Wood Frame

Wood frame on sunglasses are trendy now. And doesn't it look cool, as well as eco? Can't wait to get a pair.


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Any hot styles you're eyeballing for summer 2013?


  1. I didnt know about this store, I like the items you selected, the dress and the studded cltuch in particular! Kisses! xo

  2. they look like they so many nice things to choose from! love that printed monokini and high low dress!


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