Monday, June 17, 2013

Fashion Bloggers' Problem Solved - How to Respond to Rude Bystanders While Taking Outfit Pictures (Fashion Blog Post)

What on earth is that woman doing!?!?!?!?!

I'm taking outfit pictures for my fashion blog.

Leave! Me! Alone!

Luckily I live in a neighborhood where most residents are polite and nonjudgmental. When I take outfit pics outside, posing in unusual positions, neighbors leave me be, and try not to inflict embarrassment.

However, once in a while, I do get under-the-breath-but-loud-enough-to-make-recipient-feel-mocked sneers from bystanders.

As much as I'd love to say to them, "what the f*ck are you laughing at," I always hold my tongue.

There are enough problems in the world. I don't need to create more.


But hey. Here on my blog, a fashion blog, I can ask for sympathy.

Especially if you've dealt with the same problem with rude bystanders.

And if you have, perhaps you can use one of the responses below. I've created them especially for fellow fashion bloggers who received similar treatment during photo shoots.

Fashion Bloggers' Problem Solved - How to Respond to Rude Bystanders While Taking Outfit Pictures

1. Count, grin and bear it.

Breath, grin big, and count to 10 in your head.

Counting helps mute your surroundings. I use the same method in running, and it works like a charm. Whenever I feel like quitting, I count to a preset number in my head, and repeat until the finish line. A small mind game like this helps me stay focused through distractions.


2. Look away.

Don't look at the rude bystanders, and don't look at the camera either. Look away as if you're lost in a dream. Doing so helps you escape the present.

Also, side shots look great in photos.


3. The All-American Salute.

Warning! Do NOT do this if you aren't prepared for a fight. You should probably get ready for at least verbal assault. I recommend practicing cursing, as well as a fake New Jersey accent.

Try to pick the right opponents too. Preferably someone smaller.

Snobby lady across the street? Yes. Lanky teenager with "Nerd Pride" sweater? Bring it. Biker dude with skull tattoos? Don't even think about it.


In case you need a full-on description of the All-American Salute, here are the steps:

Your middle finger, that is.

BIG-HUGE-swing. Make it as dramatic as possible.

Keeps holding. And keep smiling too. Point is to make them as uncomfortable as they've made you.


4. Say hello and wave.

As the person passes by, smile, wave, and say loudly, "hey! How's it going? Good seeing ya. Enjoy your day!"

Pretend you are friends, or even cousins. Be as nice as possible, but speak loudly and firmly. (Doesn't work if you aren't confident.)

This is probably my favorite one, and one I practice the most. It's like calling someone out without getting into it, like saying "don't f*ck with me," but with a smile.

And they usually won't f*ck with you anymore.


5. Sign it.

Okay, this is a bit extreme. But a written explanation of your intentions satisfies others' curiosity, and hiding behind a sign makes you more comfortable.


Hey fashion bloggers, you got anything to add?

How do you respond to rude bystanders?


  1. this is such an interesting post! haha i love all your pics

  2. Bahahaha, I have cramps from laughing!!!!! Oh God...this was hilarious, especially the All American salute :D

    There's always some douchebags around to stare, I don't mind them. I do mind the people who interrupt the photos with dumb questions and sneers, man, don't people have a life of their own!

  3. omg'sh this post was too cute! you are so funny! i nearly fell out of my chair with #3. hahahaha i don't take many outfit pictures, but when I do there's always ONE that comes around. your pictures look so cute. you have this down to a science. have a great week!

  4. hahahah LOVE this post!!! xo and your outfit is adorable! xo

  5. How terrible that you've had negative comments! Rude! You know how to handle it at least. I haven't had mean comments but I did get "caught" taking photos of myself in a park. A sweet old couple were walking by and said, "looking good!" I felt a little vain and wanted to explain what I was going but that would have confused things. I just laughed and said thanks.

  6. ahah I have to admit your post pretty much sums up why I rarely do OOTDs... I don't know how fashion bloggers do it; it takes thick skin I suppose ^^

    Love your lipstick color by the way!

  7. That is hilarious and you are so adorable in all the pics! And I love your outfit!

  8. That is hilarious and you are so adorable in all the pics! And I love your outfit!

  9. This is hilarious! I love your tips, hun :)

  10. Hahaha, absolutely loved this post!! I've heard about other fashion bloggers who've gotten rude comments while they were getting their photos taken on the streets too. I'm glad you've got your ways to handle such people, not everyone can take strangers reactions!

  11. Hahahaha this is awesome!! I wondered if fash bloggers ever felt random doing I know!!
    Rebecca x | Ze Makeup

  12. Haha.... I Must really laughing. Thank you for your Great tips ;)

    Your Outfit is very Nice. I like the shades of grey

  13. Love your tips and your sense of humor.
    And you look fabulous, darling!


  14. Love this post!! It really made me smile! x

  15. Hahaha, so true! you go girl!

  16. This is Hilarious!

    New post on my blog:

  17. I've been pretty lucky- just curious folks, but nobody's been rude yet.

  18. this is cute!!! i should try counting to 10 next time when someone looks at me while i pose for my ootd..

  19. This is hilarious and makes me feel so much better. I always have these comebacks prepared for when and if someone ever is like "What ARE you wearing?" or "Why are you taking photos of everything?" Mostly they just involve yelling "I was in 2 magazines! Leave me alone!" Super mature and concise, haha. The finger always works, too.


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