Friday, May 30, 2014

Instantaneous Length - Benefits of Hair Extension (Beauty Blog Post)

Fuller hair can be faked.

No joke.

My stylist from a few years ago participated in a traveling stylist group that sent him to L.A to style the stars. Yes! The super-glam type who walked on the Red Carpet. According to him, their secret to hair volume is using extensions.

"Oh! Nicole Richie, Brittany Spears...they all use extensions," he said, "I was just doing Nicole's hair last extensions!"

No wonder she always looks so, um, va-va-voom!

After feeling pretty impressed that he knew Nicole Richie on a first-name basis, I also felt a little shocked that extensions are so popular. Then, I started noticing a lot of beauty blog posts about hair extensions over blogosphere. They really are popular!

However, not all extensions are the same.

Apparently, just like with any beauty product, they range from high-end (that cost in the hundreds) to low-balls (that cost around $10), and come in all types of colors, textures and material. However, if you want a set of quality, long-lasting extensions, do expect to pay $50 - 100.

But why pay for hair? Hair is free.

If you are asking this, you must not have had children, aged, or lost hair because of hormone changes. You hormones will do back flips due to pregnancies, breastfeeding, growing older, and other life events. And one of the effects of hormone change is losing hair. At 36, my hair is certainly thinner than it was in my 20's.

Don't believe me? You just wait.

Hair extensions let you achieve instant volume--and if you get quality ones, they appear completely natural. They blend in like real hair, can be styled in many ways, and look amazing.

Remy Hair Extension by Advent Hair

This beauty blog post is sponsered by Advent Hair, an online factory-direct for hair systems for men and women. The company recommends Remy Hair Extensions that are made with 100% fully-tested silk human hair. They are washable, style-able, and last as long as 12 months.
To learn more about clip in hair extensions, visit Advent Hair web site. 

Thanks for reading.

Happy Friday!


  1. Quality extensions make all the difference in the world! I'm a frequent victim of whimsy (i.e. I cut my hair as soon as it starts growing out), so having extensions on hand is a lifesaver! What's great is you can get very long ones and put up your hair in a ponytail even if you're not very good with doing hair and it'll still look completely natural!
    -Nataliya (@styletomes)

  2. hair extensions have come such a long way! these look nice.

  3. I never really learned how to place hair extensions. It all seems so hard, like programming or something :D

  4. i stumbled upon your blog and the thing i found most interesting was your writing style, it's just good and funny! let me know if you'd like to follow each other at all :) xx

    The Silver Doll


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