Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I'm Loving Right Now (Skincare, Beauty and Fashion Blog Post)

1. Chain-rimmed bags

If you're aiming for an edgier style, but don't want to draw too far outside of the box, adding metal details is a great way to go.

I found the bag below on clearance at Marshall's. MSRP's $98 but sale price was $30. It's a great tote -- clean n' simple, but still alternative-looking with neatly aligned metal chains.

2. Summer-y prints

While May in most places in the U.S signifies summer's arrival, May in Seattle is still cold and rainy. Even with this week's surprise sun break, we Seattllites know that this is merely a tease.

Well, rain or shine, we still love to wear vibrant hues and summer-y prints. Sky's blah but not our clothes.

See all the colors in my 8-dollar skirt below? Blindingly exciting, right?

3. ROC facial cleanser

Always appreciate multi-purpose products.

This ROC cleanser is great in that it cleans but also exfoliates. The formula creates a bit of a foam through gentle rubbing, and the micro-beads do a great job exfoliating. I thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing sensation after use.

4. Biore self heating charcoal mask

Charcoal is the new rage in skin care right now, and I'm not surprised. When activated, charcoal becomes quite absorbing of surrounding particles. (Ever seen burning charcoal and how it kind of suctions itself until near disappearance?) When charcoal mask is applied and heated on skin, it vacuums impurities from pores.

This Biore mask was neat. After wetting fingers with warm water, you rub the gooey formula on, and it heats up instantly to absorb dirt and oil. It leaves a tingly sensation that feels fresh and clean.

5. Pastel polishes

It's spring. It's fine to wear pastels.

The Essie polish below is in the color "To Buy or Not to Buy." I don't know why makeup has such complicated names, but they sound charming and girlie, so I guess it's all-good.

Thanks for reading.

Happy May Day!


  1. Great things! I really would love to try a clay warming mask, I don't have very clogged pores but I'd love to feel the warming sensation! That skirt also is perfect for summer so bright and fun! I see lots of girls rocking maxi skirts but I love my skirts shorter!

  2. Love chain rimmed bag, and basically everything that is chain rimmed. Looks cool :-D

  3. Awesome stuff! I've been adding to my pastel polish collection too. Love that polish by Essie. So pretty!

  4. I love prints too!! great post =).. have an amazing weekend

  5. Yeah I want to get a new bag for summer just not sure what I want yet.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. Ooh that Essie polish looks so pretty! xx

  7. i am often attracted to the chain, too!


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