Thursday, May 15, 2014

Relaxed (Fashion Blog Post)

Do you miss Seattle?

A few people have asked. 

Of course I do! The city is raw, and lively, and has layers and layers to peel. It's always moving, ever evolving. You dream so much bigger there.

Look across the Sound. Possibilities are endless. 


But I also don't miss the city.

The dreamer inside was taken over by practicality after having Jax, our second.

With one kid, the city was doable. Jo and I often rode the public transportation, and played all over town. Despite having to shield a toddler girl from homeless men whipping "it" out to pee near 3rd and Pike -- and praying from time to time that I never have to explain the distinct odor of marijuana (though it's legal in Washington now) -- Jo and I fared well in Seattle. Even our tiny townhouse was tolerable.

Then came Jax, and pressure was on! Toting a toddler and a baby around crowded streets all day became somewhat theatrical. And after months of drama, you want to get away as far as you can. 


"You look so different. You look relaxed."

Noticed a mom friend who came to visit our new place a few weeks ago. (We moved into the suburbs as soon as we could.)

Of course I do! There's no pressure here -- no busy side walks to maneuver a stroller around, getting on and off of the bus with little ones, yuppies looking at you like you don't belong, and most of all suburban homes come in decent sizes without an exorbitant price.

Every single neighbor in the new "hood" has young kids, many of them our girls' age; and half of the moms I meet stay at home. It's vanilla here, but us stay-at-home moms make the best of it with impromptu play dates and block "parties." I think we've all stopped fighting the inevitable -- that it doesn't matter what we used to be, we are moms now, so let's do this.

You will like Seattle.

It's truly an amazing place! You might even still like it after having kid(s). But just in case you feel the same pressure I did, know that the suburban lifestyle might be a more suitable choice.

But of course, you must accept the person you've become. 

Today's outfit: a relaxed way to dress up.


Solid colors and layers over jeans: very mundane, and very vanilla.


But I like feeling relaxed. How about you?



  1. I'm so glad your environment now is working for you and your family. That's good to hear. Great outfit! Love that jacket.

  2. Unfortunately, I never visited Seattle but Id love. You did the right decision for you and your kids, I think. And thats true, you really look relaxed!:) Great and stylish outfit, I like the jacket a lot. Kisses and happy weekend! xo

  3. I can see how city life would be a huge struggle with the little ones in toe, so clearly you made the right choice to move. the city will always be there if you want to return someday.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Lovely and definitely very relaxed! I go for loose blouses and shorts and sandals for my 'relaxed' and super casual looks!

  5. You really do look beautiful and relaxed but I love how honest you are about all this and I can't imagine going through the city with 2 babies. Plus I can relate to trying to shield them - SF is just like that. The town I live in Switzerland now reminds me of what you're describing. So many kids, moms and definitely more relaxed that city life. I LOVE your outfit btw, it's so classy and great to catch up on your site. Hope the move went well, that can't be easy with kids either.


  6. i loved how you did what was the right thing!! i'm loving the city right now as a single girl, but that might change if i had kids.

  7. I adore this outfit! So fun and professional at the same time :)

    xo Jo

  8. The blazer makes this outfit very smart looking!

    7% Solution

  9. This casual-chic outfit looks great on you! Well done! Thank you for stopping by!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  10. What a great out!! Relaxed yet still put together!


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