Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Present Ideas (Fashion Blog Post)

Hello girlies. 

How's your week going so far? 

Seattle has been blessed with sunshine lately, and I've been taking the girls to a quaint beach on the Northeastern border of Lake Washington called Juanita Beach. There's not much there, but the place is serene and scenic, and offers hiking trails, dirt-sand beach, play ground, and a shopping strip full of local coffee shops, boutique stores and restaurants.

Mommy's tired, but the girls had a wonderful few days in the sun.

Today we came home around three, and while the toddler napped upstairs...

and the 3-year-old played in the yard, I opened up my email box to find messages about Mother's Day sales.

Couldn't believe it! Is it almost Mother's Day already?!?!?

There was also an email about a sponsor offer on a jewelry store called Chic Jewelry. Of course, I checked it out.

About Chic Jewelry

Chic Jewelry specializes in high-end cubic zirconia jewelry. Now I understand that the word "cubic zirconia" sounds rather cheap, Chic Jewelry is, however, anything but. The store prides itself on the quality of its jewelry. Its website claims that "While other synthetic gem manufacturers have disappointed customers with cloudy, brittle jewelry, we have impressed ours with a clarity and color so perfect, it’s hard to tell a difference between our CZ stones and the real thing."

In fact, Chic Jewelry has such high quality that some of its merchandise cost in the thousands.

I took a look at their web site, and found amazing pieces that are good enough even for mom.

Below are a few items I've picked out to consider as Mother's Day present. They're beautiful, thoughtful and certainly not cheap-looking. I hope you read on to see each one of them.

1. Perido-colored Bracelet

Since moving to Seattle, the Emerald City, I've begun to fancy the color green. This green-tinted bracelet caught my eye because its bright color reminds me of the lovely greenery all around Seattle.

2. Chic Art Ring

This ring is definitely one of a kind: natural stones embedded into 22K gold, in an interesting-looking Euro-square shank. The stones can also be customized with birth stones. 

It's bold, unique and certainly a conversation piece.

3. Black and White Elegance

This ring is simple and elegant -- just black and white cubic zirconias neatly placed in a classic design. I think it suits a mom who's simple and elegant too.

4. Circle Rose Gold Pendant

This pendant is just adorable! Its rose gold tint looks daintily pretty, and the entangled circle design is quite contemporary. This pendant would look great with a dressier outfit -- and certainly fits a mom who likes to dress up.

5. Waive Contoured Bracelet

This bracelet is unique in that the waive shape gives a 3D effect. I picked it because it's different, but not overly done. I think it suits a mom with classy taste but also takes calculated risks.

Thanks for visiting!

I know I'm behind on reading your blogs.

(This sun-guilt us Seattle folks suffer is severe.)

I will be reading about and admiring your awesome outfits and makeup soon. So please be patient!

And have a wonderful rest of the week!

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