Sunday, October 18, 2009

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension Mascara

Recently there has been a lot of mascaras offering an "extension" effect, to lengthen the lashes by either "tubing" or "extending".

I have only tried 4 of these types of mascaras, and this one, Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension by Givenchy is by far my absolute favorite.

With a revolutionary ball tip applicator that easily coats my lashes from all angles and a formula that is thick and quick-drying to provide lengthening effect, just a few taps onto the tip of lashes gives me lashes I can bat with all day long.

My before and after
Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension by Givenchy.

Before ** NOTE: in my before I am also wearing mascara.


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  1. What a neat looking brush! I think your lashes actually look more natural before, what mascara were you using? hehe

  2. MizzJ: I was using Lo'real Voluminous mascara in black. This one I totally recommend too. Been using it for 5+ years :O)


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