Saturday, October 31, 2009


Underneath your clothes, there is a smart, lovely, girlie girl - already know that :O)
There is also a set of helpful, little tools to make your clothes look even more flattering.

There is a mound of fashion inventions with hidden magic to transform a simple dress into a stunning dress, but the 3 below have helped me in the most recent occasions. And I have become a firm believer in their magic.

1) Double-sided tape

J. LO's scandalous, green dress? That's when the double-sided tape was introduced. Now, they are everywhere and going nowhere, solely because they really work for those super sexy, super low cut numbers.

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2) Strap Perfect Bra Clips

Its claim is that it helps hide bra straps sneaking out below your clothes and gives your boobs an instant lift.
Skeptical? Don't be!
The clips worked well to hide my straps with "tricky" outfits. Plus, the "lifting" effect was no lie.

3) Nu Bra

In my backless halter last year, this braless bra really did its job. Compared to Victoria's Secret Multi Way Bra, Nu Bra wins all the way by providing a more natural look, confirmed by Hubby :O)

The clip in the middle helps secure


  1. Are you wearing these for holloween?

    I connected to you through another blog.

  2. Hi Tom. Thanks for visiting. And no, none of these are being worn on Halloween.

  3. all very important and handy things... oh btw.. though the j-lo dress is "scandalous" I think it's an awesome dress!

    but hmmm nude bra... it's great, but I feel so insecure wearing that, scared that it will fall off or something!!!


  4. LOL.

    Toothfairy: I thought the nu bra would fall off too, but it stayed up all night. I did check on them often though :O)

  5. These are great tips, thanks for sharing with us! The Nu bra looks very interesting!

  6. I swear by the double-sided fashion tape for this one dress I have. The bra clips and adhesive bra seem great too!

  7. i purchased a braless bra from Victoria's secret similar to the Nu Bra. after a night of dancing, it didn't budge!:) thanks for sharing this post. these are awesome tricks for those tricky outfits.

  8. Blurbage: Oh I love Vicky's! Will look out for the nu bra-like bra. Thanks!


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