Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If you don't love Sephora you are not really a girlie girl. And with its own brand of beauty and skin care products, Sephora is the lamborghini of all beauty super stores.

The "Nano Eyeliner" is Sephora's newest line of eyeliners. With a wide variety of colors and a very nice price (only $5 girls!), this eyeliner could just be my latest beauty love.

The Nano glides on easily and lasts a long time - this info is tried and tested with my recent purchases:

Here is the Nano Eyeliners in "action". The top line is in "glitter brown" and the bottom is in "plum".


  1. i've been seeing this eyeliner every time i step into sephora. thks for the review!

  2. Blovet Beauty: Thanks for leaving a comment.
    This liner is of course not luxury, but it works good for the price. And the color range is great for those of us who love to "trial and error" :O)


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