Sunday, October 18, 2009


We have all made the mistake of buying lip gloss in the wrong color. Maybe that's why I have so many of them? Instead of rushing to the store and spending money on a newer one, I've smartened up and started mixing and matching what I already have.

Here's a gloss I purchased on ebay. I was looking for a very light pink at the time. But unfortunately, against my darker skin tone, the color seemed too light.

MAC Lip Glass in "Florabundance"

Here's a gloss I bought for the Christmas party last year at Victoria's Secret. I wanted something that was vibrant and eye-catching. Unfortunately, this color is a little too "punchy" on my skin.

Beauty Rush by Victoria's Secret in "Punchy"

This summer, when I was getting ready for a Girls' Night Out, I decided to mix the two. And the color was neither too light nor too bright, a very pretty but neutral pink that looked good with my skin as well as any color of outfit.

Lip Gloss Mixed and matched

See? You don't have to waste money on beauty mistakes that are easily fixed with a little creativity. Just look at the pallets that you already have, and perhaps you can gloss up something that works?


  1. Ohh. Nice combination. Just right. :)

  2. I hate buying lipstick/lipgloss without trying it on. I always hesitate because 99% of the time it turns out to be a BAD choice heheh.

    I might take your idea up and use some of my old ones lying around and mix them up tho :D

    Thanks hun!

    Miss Neesh


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