Friday, October 23, 2009


One of the popular makeup looks for fall of 2009 is red lips.

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I have always wanted to try this out, but a pair of bright, Scarlett lips is so bold and I am...well, not.

However, at the drug store today I just can't hold myself back anymore! So I picked up Maybelline's newest line of lipstick, Color Sensational, in "Red Revival".

How did I like it
? I LOVED it!
The color is brilliant and the look is powerful. It's the type of color that makes a girlie girl a glamor girl.

As for the lipstick glided on easily and did not come off soon. I also really liked its velvety look.

Below is a close up of the lipstick on. As you can see, the color is rich and lustrous.

Here is how the color matches the rest of the face. Notice that I didn't add much to the eyes. If the lips contain much drama, it's best to go light on top.

Hope this look works for you too.


  1. Hi Tris, dont know if there is a problem at my side, but I do not see any pics on your last post. Please make sure everything is ok there.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my last post. Love to have you.

  2. Hey Colin! Not sure what happened? But I deleted the last post all together. Thanks for letting me know!!
    And you are welcome!!


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