Friday, July 26, 2013

At Home Face Peel with The Skin Regime - Initial Review (Skin Care Blog Post)

Glycolic Acid Solution - a main ingredient of an at home face peel.


I did it!

Finally mustered enough courage to try an at home face peel -- and it was horrible!


My first ever at home face peel turned out better than expected, and cost $20 at the most.

Thanks to Dana (of The Skin Regime), who not only encouraged me to do a peel in the first place but also supplied a sample Glycolic Acid Solution, I'm now a believer that peels don't require extravagant procedures with preposterous prices.

(According to, chemical peels cost over $700.)

But wait! Did it work?

I don't know.

Because healthy, glowing skin, which is my skin care goal, takes time and consistency, I don't know if this particular at home face peel offers that yet.

(Sorry to disappoint. Just being honest.)

Also, for a first attempt, I performed the peel on my hand, and not my face. (I know. What a wimp!) In today's skin care blog post, I can only inform about materials used, procedure, and immediate impression.

More to come though.

Because of my attempting of better skin care, which includes this face peel every few weeks, I plan to document long-term progress in later posts. Due to a positive first experience though, I'm hopeful about achieving better skin.


They're surprisingly simple.


1. Dove beauty bar.

So old school!

2. Wash clothes

$5 a pack.

3. 1-4-All Peel (Glycolic Acid Solution)

Thanks Dana! You can also get your own, but this one is recommended by The Skin Regime.

Short background about Glycolic Acid: it's used in skin care - peels to be exact - because of its ability to penetrate deep into skin. When applied, it weakens the lipids that binds dead skin cells, allowing the skin's most outer layer to be exfoliated and cleaned. In turn, live skin cells are exposed, and benefits like suppleness, wrinkle reduction and even skin tone transpire.

4. Moisturizer

Preferably one with SPF.

5. Rubbing alcohol

6. Cotton balls or pads


Step 1

Wash skin thoroughly with soap, rinse, and dry with towel.


Step 2

Soak cotton ball or pad with alcohol and wipe skin to remove excess dirt and oil.


Step 3

Apply peel (glycolic acid solution).

Apply multiple layers to increase strength. (I only added two layers. Again, I'm a wimp.)


Step 4

Wait five minutes.


Step 5

Wash solution off with soap. Rinse, dry, then moisturize.


You are done!

Immediate Impression

So easy!

I expected a complicated process, but the peel finished in a few minutes.

I also expected skin to irritate, but it never did. (No redness, blotches, nothing.) Instead, skin felt smooth, clean and refreshed. Smoothness extended to the next day, by the way.

Overall, the at home face peel was a success -- and a pleasant surprise.

Don't be such a wimp next time!

I won't. Promise to try it on my face next time. 

In fact, to thoroughly document, I've posted a rather embarrassing "before" picture of my bare skin below.

Before - Baring it all. (After pics will come in a few weeks.)

Thanks for reading today's skin care blog post.

If you're interested in bypassing expensive chemical peels, and creating your own at home face peel, please visit The Skin Regime at

And if you have your own at home skin care recipe to share, please leave it in a comment!



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  1. hm, this could be a good product <3

  2. perfect <3 there's nothing more to say!


  3. wow, i can't wait to see the results :)

  4. I can't wait to see the after photo. You shouldn't be embarrassed at all. You have great looking skin. I've never had a peel or done one at home, so I would've tested it on my hand too. LOL Glad you had positive results.

  5. I like that you said that it doesn't leave a red blotchy effect like other peels would! I would definitely look into this when it comes time to find a peel!

    The Lovely Memoir

  6. Sounds easy and nourishing... Looking forward to see the 'after' pics... :)
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