Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekend Recommend - Best of Enviro Products World (Beauty and Skin Care Blog Post)

About Enviro Products World


As a part of Heff Associates, Inc, Enviro Products World emerged out of a young woman's pure love for the environment. All products through Enviro Products World are eco-friendly and purchased through UNFI Select Nutrition, one of the most respected natural products distributors in the country.

When you buy from Enviro Products World, you are guaranteed quality, safety and peace of mind.

Plus, you'll be saving the planet, as well as donating to a cause as a portion of sales always goes to charity.

Best of Enviro Products World - My Recommendations

1. Baby Bee Starter Kit

Children's skin is sensitive. Protect it with the Baby Bee Starter Kit bath and lotion products.

2. Kiss My Face Sun Screen

Oat complex and broad spectrum? Um, yes please!

3. Lucky Tiger Men's Organic Moisturizer

Men need grooming too. Spread the word, and tell him to Try organic skin care at 

4. Wood Puzzles

Our toddler loves playing with puzzles, but our baby loves chewing them. So, why don't I get wood puzzles that are (comparatively) edible, and won't harm them with chemicals?

5. Natural Pet Shampoo

Pets need love too, don't you think?


Thanks for reading.


And please check out other environment-friendly products at:


Happy 4th of July!



  1. That's great to see all environmentally friendly products in one website! Nice.

  2. thanks so much!! Great recommendations!

  3. Hey, that Kiss my face sun screen looks good! How was your celebration last night? I'm so glad you like Vancouver. Yes, I'm very fortunate to live in this beautiful city! Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo


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