Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to Recover from a Binge (Fashion Blog Post)

fashion blog pic

fashion blog pic


Yes I cheat!

After a recent blog post about clean eating, which you can read here, I received a question from Jiye (Gia) Lee of Dressed Up Files asking if I have cheat days.

Yes I do. In fact, when I do, I binge on really unhealthy foods.

But I try to recover quickly.

Usually within a day or two.

Feeling sorry for myself doesn't accomplish one single goal, so why waste the effort? Instead I follow a recovery process that swiftly puts me back on track.

It's easier said than done though.

Because eating clean all the time requires painstaking discipline, even a one-time slip buries me with emotions. Getting over the initial hump of regret is the hardest part, and that's why I've prepared an arsenal of recovery methods to speed things up.

Need help recovering from a binge?

Maybe you can make use of the methods below:

1. Get over it.

Again, easier said than done. But, c'mon!

Did you set off a bomb? Nope. Unleash an epidemic? Nope. You ate bad food. Big effing deal.

2. Drink extra water.

Binging on highly-processed foods puts excess sodium and sugar in your body, which require extra water to flush out. An H2O-based detox should do you good at this point. It also makes you too full to overeat again.

3. Double up your work out.

You can't get away without being punished. Nope, not gonna happen. And because you screwed up, why don't you work twice as hard.

4. Eat all your meals.

Starvation slows metabolism and leads to more mishaps. Nobody wants that.

5. Dress up (like I did in today's Fashion Blog Post)

Because when you feeling bad, you need other ways to feel good again.

fashion blog pic
A comfy, over-sized tank helps disguise a "food baby" belly.

fashion blog pic
Wearing shorts to accentuate legs, and divert attention away from the stomach. Heels help too.

Thanks for reading today's Fashion Blog Post.


I'm sure you're not a clean eating psycho like me.


But if you do eat clean, or just eat healthy in general, then hugs to you!


How do you recover from a binge?


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  1. Lovely tips there:) i am actually trying to eat clean now but my family always cook good food so I cannot resist. :p i will use your tips. :)... because today is my cheat day.

  2. I try to eat healthy, but a binge is my biggest problem on the way to achieve my goal weight. To back on track I usually work out harder and drink more water and green tea. And dressing up seems nice method :-)
    Have a nice day


  3. great post! After I binge I try to get my head back in the game as quick as possible, before I reach the "screw it, it's too late" phase LOL LOVING those shoes! xo

  4. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who eats worse than I should- I know better, but my sweet tooth gets the best of me! Speaking of sweet- that juicy watermelon top looks delicious on you!

  5. omg i LOVE your shirt!


  6. Hehehe what an awesome post! I have those days but meh, it's ok to indulge every now and then and there's always tomorrow for a detox!


  7. great post! loving your cute outfit too!

  8. Awesome tips and look!
    I usually double up on workouts to recover from a binge ;)


  9. you look great even though after having a baby!!!! love your shorts!!!
    have a nice day dear!

  10. you look so cute :D
    if u follow me, i will follow back for sure

  11. So that's why you have an amazingly hot, sexy, hot body!!!! :D

  12. Yes, it's important to get back on track! You look great doll. Love your outfit. That necklace is gorgeous.

  13. I try and eat healthily but sometimes have the odd slip up - I try and keep it in perspective though. Like you say, I ate bad food, there are worse things that could happen! You look lovely :) xx

  14. You look fantastic for something who's had a child not so long ago! I love the outfit, fun, sexy, so summery!

  15. love this post!! and I soooo so agree!! and I definitely find that when I make an effort to get dressed up and look better.. that I actually eat better for whatever reason!! it's so much easier to continue to eat bad things when you're in sweatpants hahahaha :p you look gorgeous! I love that beaded tank on you! so pretty!

  16. you look gorgeous, how's the little one :)

  17. What a pretty top - I love the detailing on the bottom x

  18. Just found your it! Started following on bloglovin'... I absolutely agree, you have to get right back at it after a binge to get rid of the bloaty yuckiness! Have you ever tried organic apple cider vinegar? It really helps with bloating and digestion...I swear by it! BTW...your outfit is perfect, love the sandals!
    Debbie :)

  19. Oh You are great and this ensemble looks great on you. I love the white shorts then the more muted tones of the sandals and the stitching on the hemline of your top. THANK YOU for your recent visit. I love it when you visit my blog!!!

  20. you look awesome, love the top very pretty!!!

  21. I love your blog :) You look so beautiful, you have amazing style! :)

    Follow? ;)
    Visit my blog

  22. hhehe you are so cute, although I can't imagine you ever having to worry about gaining weight! You are so petite and thin! I agree though, eating healthy is really a lifestyle change and feeding your body good nutritious foods. I don't even realize it when I binge anymore... I just... let it happen then suffer the consequences later haha. You look super cute in this outfit!


  23. i agree that getting back on the wagon after a binge is the most important step! great post!

    cute & little

  24. Awesome tips! Dress up is my favourite though :)

    Ms Jelena xx

  25. Loving the outfit. Really great inpiration for new outfit ideas. thank you

  26. Great recovery post, hehe! My weakness is gourmet cheese! But, I'm doing fine now ... I love your gorgeous coloured top. Very lovely. /Madison

  27. Great tips! You look awesome! i like the t-shirt!

  28. You look amazing in your pictures. I love your looks and your blog.


  29. Hey great tips babe! Really love how u share about keeping fit through all these healthy ways and not by starving! U rock babe!

    Fang Ting

  30. I feel so much better now! Thanks to your tips. I do cheat and since I'm going on a vacation soon, it's so hard not to "cheat". Lol. Love your outfit!

    xo Jo

  31. great content & amazing blog sweet, let me know if u want to follow each other on gfc & bloglovin?
    i'll follow back whenever you are!

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  32. I am tryine my best to work out 3-4 times a week, it's so hard! but we have to keep trying :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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