Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smart Skin Care - My Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial at SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa (Skin Care Blog Post)

The modern woman wants more than just a facial.

She wants luxurious experience, individualized attention, and most of all, knowledge. She doesn't want someone just cleaning and picking her face; instead, she wants an expert, with credible background and advanced tools, to care for her skin.

The whisper on the street is that women are technically-challenged.

Do you think it's true?

I'm gonna stay out of this argument today, and let the gung-ho feminists handle it. However, I do think that when it comes to their skin, women get extremely technical, as long as there's genuine interest.

And because women get technical about their skin...

SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa was founded on the winning idea of combining "cutting-edge technology and a luxurious spa-like setting." Owned and supervised by Stanford-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. M. Dean Vistnes, SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa not only offers aesthetically-pleasing results, but also industry leaders' knowledge base and modern procedures. It's run by experts in skin care who truly care about their craft -- and that's what sets SkinSpirit above the rest.

I never thought my blog was good enough to be noticed by businesses around Seattle.

So when an advertiser invited me to experience and write about Skin Spirit, I felt rather flattered.

Currently, SkinSpirit has locations in University Village, Redmond and Bellevue Square. I was set up at SkinSpirit U Village. The overall experience was pleasant of course -- smiling staff, relaxing atmosphere, etc -- what you'd expect from a spa, but nothing others can't offer. However, the expert knowledge and tip-top technology -- you can't get in most places.

The aesthestician who helped me is Elisa Ross.

I highly recommend her! The way she put me at ease suggested confidence in her job. Well what do you know. Later I learned that she's worked in the industry for 12 years, including both spa and clinical experience. No wonder she communicated every step of the procedure so thoroughly.

The procedure started with a deep cleanse.

It allowed Ross to examine my skin and recommend products that best fit my needs. I liked the individual attention. As expected, my skin experiences clogged pores. So Ross selected to perform a Diamond Microdermabrasion.

A Diamond Microdermabrasion uses a laser-cut diamond tip wand that exfoliates skin and suctions dead skin cells. It works just like traditional microdermabrasion, but the diamond wand enables closer proximity to eyes and mouth, and more accurate abrasion. It's also less invasive, and allows faster recovery.

I was shown the dead skin that was suctioned off, and it was quite a jarring sight.

Ross continued with a steam, adding a light green papaya enzyme to further dissolve and break apart extra dead skin. "The steam does a really nice job of softening the skin and aids in hydration and circulation," informed Ross.

With skin soft, she proceeded to extract blackheads and whiteheads to clear breakouts and smooth skin. When oil, dead skin, and bacteria were brought to the surface, Ross used a salicylic toner to kill any bacteria and prevent future breakouts. She then applied a clay mask to pull impurities out of the pores, and further exfoliate and heal the skin.

The facial concluded with an antioxidant to protect and calm the skin, along with an oil free moisturizer and sunscreen.

Here's an example of the diamond tip.


My skin looks smoother and softer! Even my husband noticed.

For the first two days, skin was red from extractions. (Ross warned me about this.) It was also scale-y, rough and peeled off. I was beginning to worry. But after two days, old skin fell and new skin emerged. I now feel like I'm back in my 20's!

Okay. Early 30's.

There is no shame in paying to look your best.

The modern woman knows that she gets to spend her (hard-earned) money on whatever she desires -- and you-bet-ch-ya she's smart enough to make sure it's worth every penny.

Yes, my facial at SkinSpirit was complimentary, but results are amazing, and I would pay for it out-of-pocket next time. I would also return for other procedures, if needed, and I do recommend SkinSpirit to everyone. 

Skin Spirit U Village resides right next to U Village Maternity.

SkinSpirit offers an assortment of services for both face and body, including well-known procedures like botox and laser hair removal, as well as those that are brand new to the industry. 


I recommend visiting their website at to discover and learn about the newer procedures.

Thank you for reading!

I hope you learned something new and interesting today.


  1. Oh my, wish we had those in Bulgaria too! :D Great review nonetheless! After all the pollution, unhealthy diets and cigar smoke, it's good to have something that can help our skin regenerate.

  2. oh WOW! That is truly amazing! She sounded great. I wish I lived nearby! HAHAHA And what a lovely place. Glad you love your "new" skin.

  3. Awesome! I actually have a gift certificate for them that I haven't use yet. Def in need of a facial.


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