Thursday, May 9, 2013

Best Makeover I've Ever Had

Oh yes! I've had makeovers.

Quite a few of them, actually. 

C'mon! I own a beauty blog.  

However, no makeover was as significant as today's.

"Not too much, Jo." "Okay, mom." ... And then it's all over my face.

Putting makeup on.

Luckily, the toddler used water-soluble paint.

Unfortunately, she used a strong hand, and a lot of dark colors.

Oh goodness. She's so hands on.

Sorry! Short post.

Due to extended sunshine, I have been too busy playing outside, and therefore neglecting my blog. But hey, I live in Seattle and we don't usually get this much sun in spring.

All done.

Happy Hump Day!


Have you ever had a makeover like mine? 


**Note: in an effort to protect children's privacy -- and as a promise to my husband -- there will not be pictures of my daughter on this blog.

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  1. Awww how cute!!! Good idea for a post! If I do a similar one with my daughter, I'll credit you for the idea and link to your blog. My husband doesn't like it when I post pics of my older daughter but he thinks it's not too bad with the baby as she will look different when she grows up... hmm...

  2. Green suits your eyes :D
    Hey, don't worry, I've been neglecting my blog a lot too, and commenting..and taking a shower..etc :D

  3. You look adorable:) and yes I also had a few make overs of the sort:)

  4. HaHaHa!!! Too cute! Enjoy the weather and have fun! :)

  5. this post is so sweet <3 <3 <3 enjoy the sun and spring ...

  6. Most definitely its indeed the best! Lolz!
    This reminds me of a verse from a book written several centuries ago here in India called Thirukkural.
    It goes like this - "Kuzhal inithu yaazh inithu enbar thammakkal mazhalai sol kelathavar". It means - "the flute is sweet, the lute is sweet ,say the people. Who have not heard their children's incoherent sweet prattle"...!!!
    Your baby's makeup on you is the best, nothing can match it!!! :) :) :)
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  7. Cute post! I'd love to see a glimpse of your daughter. Just wanna to see if she looks like you. No worries. Enjoy the sunshine!

    xo Jo

  8. thats very cute :-) I am sure was fun for kids. happy mothers day :-)

  9. Hehehe I love this makeover! What a talented kid!


  10. hahaha this is sooo cute! love this :)

    i've always wanted to do a video of the hubs doing my makeup hehehe! that would be a funny post :p

  11. This is hilarious!
    am following you :)


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