Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekend Recommend - Best from Blair Clothing (Fashion Blog Post)

Happy Friday!

What are your plans this weekend?

Last week, Seattle was blessed with sunshine. According to forecast, the weekend will be sunny still.

My husband and I suddenly grew a pair of green thumb, and plan to plant vegetables on the patch of soil that surrounds our home.

Certainly you have more exciting plans than gardening, but in case you get a chance to surf the web, Blair Clothing might spark your interest.

About Blair Clothing

In the early 1900's, John L. Blair, the son of an Irish immigrant, sold raincoats for a job. When he realized that instead of just raincoats, what people needed were waterproof wool coats, Blair sewed raincoats and wool together, and created a warm yet waterproof winter coat. The invention became an instant hit among fellow Pennsylvanians who dreaded harsh Northeastern winters.

With just $500, Blair then started a "new process" company that always gave consumers what they're looking for.

Best from Blair Clothing

100 years later, Blair Clothing expanded from outerwear to a full range of women's and men's clothing, home decor, and even jewelry. 

I encourage you to browse Blair Clothing's website to see all that it offers. Personally, I have taken a liking to the following items:

1. Flutter Blouse

Have you heard of a flutter blouse? I've never until now. But isn't it pretty? Love the neckline.

2. Asymmetrical Tunic

Tunics are great because they are figure-flattering. Add a unique, asymmetrical hemline, a basic tunic just got better.

3. Tiered Skirt

Two variables make this skirt awesome: denim and tiers. 

4. Better-Than-Wool Blazer

This classic, equestrian-ish jacket comes in soft, washable material. I see you rocking it in the fall.

5. Tummy Control Knit Capris

If you don't want to bare it all in shorts, capris make great alternatives for summer wear. Plus, who doesn't appreciate tummy control?

6. Waterfall Cardigan

Three tiers of ruffles on this cardigan adds lovely dimension.

7. Eyelet Top

When you want to wear something sweet and innocent, give this eyelet top a shot.

8. Terry Romper

For toasty days by the pool, a ruffled terry romper looks fun and sassy.

Blair Clothing Coupons

See something you like? Find it at Blair Clothing -- and find it for less with Blair Coupons.

Have a wonderful weekend!



    have a nice w.e.!!
    I wait for you Federica

  2. What an informative post. I didnt know any of these names until now :)

  3. That's nice you two are gardening together. It can be fun and save you loads on produce. I had a blazer once like the one pictured in Blair :)

  4. amazing collection love

    A visit or follow would be nice

    Danica Stark

  5. The clothing here doesn't look quite as trendy as some other places, but that being said, I really still like the flutter blouse!

    7% Solution​


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