Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prom Suits for Boys - Style That Girls Like (Fashion Blog Post)

Miss Insignificant

Were you popular in high school?

I wasn't.

I wasn't unpopular either. I was just...sort of...there.

While being insignificant had benefits -- too invisible to be bullied and beaten up -- I was invisible to boys too. Come prom season, when all my girlfriends received invitations, I had no date at all.

I felt so bummed that even the popular, snooty girls started consoling me.

Friends make the best prom dates.

Jason* to the rescue!

Two days before the event, a guy from math class asked me out. We were one of the few "friends-only" couples at prom, but had the funnest time.

Without any romantic interest at all, there wasn't pressure to look good, or behave a certain way.


Jason* looked very handsome in his suit, and I felt proud to be his date.

We even ended the night with a kiss -- a very very very quick, unromantic, friendly peck. 

Hey! He wore a suit; I wore a dress; it was the right thing to do.

Prom suits for boys - style that girls like:

Boys: whether you go to prom with a friend or a love interest, dressing in style is important.

Trust me! Girls notice.

1. Monotone

If you aren't savvy with matching colors, then go for a suit that's monotone from head to toe. A gray one like the picture below looks sleek and sexy.
Savory 2-Button Gray Tuxedo by Jean Yves 332


2. Colorful Accents

If you go dark, add color to exhibit personality.

Black Savannah Four Button Front Tuxedo Andrew Fezza 834

3. White Hot

There aren't many light-colored suits. You'll get plenty of attention in a white hot three piece.

Ivory Notch Tuxedo by Stephen Geoffrey

4. Bow Tie

Revive the bow tie, please! It's quirky.

Black Rhodes Two Button Front Tuxedo After Six 722RHD

5. Matchy-Matchy

C'mon boys! Match your girl. You're going as a couple after all.

White Troy Two Button Front Tuxedo After Six 100TRY

Picture Resource

All pictures are from Pierro's Formal Wear, Dimitri Designs' newest division. The store offers trendy, name brand suits and tuxedos for rent or purchase.

For more details, here's what Pierro's Formal Wear has to say:

Every man looks better in a tux, but not every fellow has one hanging in the closet. Pierro’s Formal Wear is the top place for tuxedo rental Greenville SC. They have reasonable prices and the largest selection of styles for you to choose from. Designer Names People pay thousands of dollars for designer tuxedos for god reason. They simply look better on you. 

When you are renting a tux, don’t settle for a generic version that will look okay. Let the team at Pierro’s help you with a designer label tux that will look incredible on you. 

Colors for Every Occasion When ladies get dressed for these events, they look like brightly colored jewels. Whether your date is going to wear a shimmering gown of green or pure white, 

They have ties and vests to match. Pierro’s has more than 50 colors to choose from, so you can choose the one that will look best with your date. Countless Styles 

They carry countless styles to suit every occasion. Dress in a light tan tuxedo for your destination wedding or don a chocolate brown for a formal winter affair. 

The right tux is waiting for you at Pierro’s, and you can trust that it will look amazing on you. When you have a formal event, you need to look your best. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new tuxedo to ensure that you will look incredible. 

Visit the team at Pierro’s and choose an affordable rented tux that will make you look like you spent a small fortune.   

Thank you for reading.


Prom was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


So glad I was able to go.


How about you? Who was your prom date?


* Person's name was changed to protect his privacy.


  1. all of these look good! one of them, a boy in my grade asked me, but i thought of him more as a friend. the other two i took older boys :)

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  2. ahh I never been in any prom :(

  3. my date matched me in high school! hahahaha this brings back so many memories. great looks for guys!

  4. Very nice post darling!!

    I'll waiting for you dear!
    Have a MAGIC DAY!
    Kisses from CAPUT MUNDI(Rome)!

  5. A bow tie is cute :-) And I like a pop of color. My boyfriend just wore a simple black suit to our highschool prom.

  6. awesome post sweetie

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  7. I remember my prom! Men looked handsome in their suits but after that, back to normal. LOL. Luv tux on them :)

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  8. I loved this post, dear =) we don't have prom in Italy...but I know in the USA they are very important, learned it from movies, I would have liked to go to one ! Kisses

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  9. Aww such a cute post! So cute to see all the guys and gals dressed up. At our prom we didn't have "dates"... we just went in groups and the whole point was to have a good time with your friends. I had so much fun!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 


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