Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Make Post-Pregnancy Transitional Clothes Last (Fashion Blog Post)

What is post-pregnancy transitional clothes?

Post-pregnancy transitional clothes are clothing items that fit your body while your body transitions from being pregnant to not pregnant.

They are helpful because after pregnancy, most women take months to return to normal. They need garments that fit their changing bodies, because while their pregnancy clothes are too big, their pre-pregnancy clothes are too snug.

Why do you need post-pregnancy transitional clothes? Are you spoiled or something?


Hardly. New moms are too busy to be spoiled. But most of us do feel awful about our figures. After nine months of growing and stretching, even the fittest moms gain unwanted weight.


No, we are not spoiled. We are self-conscious.

Getting back to pre-pregnancy shape is painful!

It's achievable, but is such an enduring process, as our bodies slim down only in gradual steps.

And because it takes such a long time -- months and sometimes years -- to get back in shape, wearing clothes that fit gives us a (much-needed) confidence boost.

But wait! If your body changes all the time, don't you have to shop for new clothes all the time too?


And yes, it gets expensive. That's why I shop at Ross and TJ Maxx. Also, it helps to get the same types of clothes. I like slouchy tops and skinny pants.

To additionally justify the expense, I try to make transitional clothes last even when I've lost most of my pregnancy weight.

Finally, how do you make post-pregnancy transitional clothes last?

3 steps:

1. Tuck it in.

A lot of my transitional tops are one or two sizes bigger. Now that I'm smaller, they look frumpy. I tuck them into pants for cleaner appearance.

2. Roll em' up.

Some of my transitional pants are a bit loose. The bottoms started to drag. Rolling them up into carpis makes them sleek.

3. Take a hike.

I only do this when I don't wear the baby in a carrier. I wear heels to give the entire outfit a bit of a lift.

If you've been through the postpartum process, can you commiserate?

Did you wear post-pregnancy transitional clothes, and how did you make them last?


  1. No babies here, but that's definitely wonderful advice.

  2. i think i wore a lot of dresses until the point i could fit into my "big" jeans. i did have a few maternity tanks that carried me thru, too.

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  3. Stretchy clothes and loose, flowing tops were my best friends post-pregnancy. Your transitional clothes look great and so do you!


  4. I hardly have anything to wear between breastfeeding considerations and the baby weight. Mostly what you're wearing, flowy tops and skinny pants! You look great!

  5. you definitely don't look like you just had a baby! I am about to give birth this july and I already feel like a whale! hehe

    I didn't really buy maternity clothes during this pregnancy, I just wore tops that were flowy in the tummy area, and bought leggings that comfortably fits my belly. I also bought dresses that were comfortable like the ones that are empire cut. So, I can still wear them after I give birth ^_^

  6. My Baby Times is over since Long Time. ;) and After my pregnancy i had no Big Problems with my Body. Like you, your Body is Great, just Perfect. :)

  7. you look amazing! ^^

  8. Hey, thank you for your fun and sweet remarks to my post yesterday! I haven't seen you for along time. You now have 3 current blogs! And recuperating after a pregnancy. You are a busy gal. Thanks even more for coming my way!!! :D


    only had two pregnancies; 1) took 4 months to get back into my clothes [had to starve myself] 2) I was back in my clothes in 3 weeks

    Don't how that was like it was but it was. hahahaha.

  9. I was big on the half tuck right after my last baby, the first one I dropped the weight immediately and was able to jump right back into my clothes, this one it took a little more time and I was more curvy.

    Xo, Megan,

  10. It wasn't that bad.... i think it was just that i had very high expectations


  11. nice post... looking at you i still think Revlon Crimson would suit you too!! anyways ...
    am your 1150th follower... :)

  12. My dear,I didn't wear post-partum clothes just because I didn't know they would even exist. Am I an alien or what?
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  13. You are so nice and amazing dear :)

  14. Great post

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  15. You look amazing, darling, like you already lost the baby weight and then some ~ congrats!


  16. You always give such amazing tips and look amazing, love the top on you, should be so proud of you

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