Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dressing Tips for Women Going on a First Date (Fashion Blog Post)

Many moons ago, my husband asked me out for the first time.

(We are one of those old farts who have been together for entirely too long.)

Since our first date, we've had plenty of others. Remembering each of them in detail requires heavy excavation. But our first date, I'll always remember clearly. I guess a life-altering event like that is easy to hold on to. Because this is a fashion blog post, let's focus on what I wore.

So, what did I wear?

Something comfortable: khakis pants, knitted sweater, and a pair of walking boots.

The outfit wasn't fancy, but it worked. And I honestly believe that because I wore comfortable clothing, I felt more like myself, and that's why my first date with my husband was successful.

You do not need dressing tips for going on a first date.

In fact, you probably don't need dressing tips at all. But just in case...

dressing tips for women

Dressing Tips for Women Going on a First Date:


1. Seek comfort.

Here I go again, preaching comfort. But it's true. When you feel comfortable, you act like yourself; when you act like yourself, you are happy; and when you are happy, you have a good time.

My outfit consists of a roomy top over stretchy leggings. It's effortless, easygoing, and something anyone would feel good in.

2. Tease, but don't play.

A little peek goes a long way.

On a first date, give him a tiny bit of sexy that excites but keeps him wanting more. It shows that you're in it for the long haul, and well worth waiting for.

How am I teasing in this outfit? Cleavage, of course!

3. Wear inviting colors.

All black makes Jane a dull girl.

You think black is slimming, but your date thinks black is depressing and stand-offish.

On a first date, wear warm, inviting colors that put your date at ease. Anything that doesn't remind him of funerals or job interviews would do.

The color I chose here is maroon. It's less intimidating than reds, but maturer than pinks and pastels.

4. Exude romance.

On a date, you want to share your romantic side.

Clothes with soft texture like silk or satin are classically romantic. Lace or soft cotton also make good choices.

Today, I chose a satin-y top that flows.

5. Stay away from trendy clothes.

Leave the trendy stuff for girls' night. 

High fashion often confuses -- or even intimidates -- men. Stick with the basics that he recognizes and feels at east with.

My top here is a long tank -- always a good choice for date night.

dressing tips for women
The top is from JC Penney. The price was $7.

Believe it or not, these pumps are incredibly walkable.

It was windy that day, but the sun felt amazing.

Thanks to our 6-months old's nap, I had time to take outfit pics.

My husband and my first date lasted nine hours.

We ice skated, ate pho, went grocery-shopping (don't ask), baked cookies, and watched a movie.

Felt like it never ended -- and we didn't want it to.


At the end of the night, he asked me to be exclusive :O)

And you? What happened on your first date with your special person?


  1. wow nice design..
    looking geourgious in Red...


  2. Your tips are just perfect and I agree with you!:) Seems your first date with your hubby was too sweet and tender:) You look so pretty dear, love the top, the color suits you very well! Have a good day, kisses! xo

  3. Excellent tip! Everything you mentioned is so true and should be followed. I love your outfit! That top is so cute!

  4. Haha, I love you you guys did so much! That's a lot like my boyfiend and I when we don't have a plan of what to do but see each other anyway! Ours was a spicy indonesian lunch after something not so nice happened to him at school. I love the outfit. Comfy, girly and pretty!

  5. You´re stunning!!!

  6. Great advice! :) Pretty outfit as well. Love the red flowy top.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  7. Great tips, you look stunning xxx

  8. This is such an adorable post!!!! Looove that you went to do the shopping on your first date, that is such a lovely story to tell!!! xx
    Ps, you look goorgeous!! xx

  9. Que bonito el bluson, estas muy guapa.

  10. I like the way you broke down your outfit with some insightful guidance. Your first date sounds like the, month of the start of my relationship? haha B invited me for coffee only for us to both confess that neither of us really likes coffee. At which point we had tea.


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