Saturday, May 24, 2008


A halter can do two beautiful things: lift and slenderize. It is the reason I love shoulder days at the gym. It is the fall back outfit every time I have a night out.
But a halter can also be tricky when you want to cover up proper under garments. That's why I purchased my latest must-have: Victoria's Secrets' 100-way Convertible Bra.
This bra comes with 4 sets of straps: halter, regular, clear, and backless. It truly does convert into whatever you need for the outfit at hand.
The best experience with the "conver-ti-bra" for me is when I wore a backless Frederick's dress. Anything from Frederick's is skin-bearing anyway. If you don't have proper support, you look trashy instead of glamorous. I used the backless strap on my dress, and not only did it look great under the dress, it performed proper lifting and felt comfortable all night.
A girlie girl has many needs, especially about her outfits. It's great to know that the people at Victoria's Secret took notice, and created a bra at one price with many ways to cater to its most important demographic - us girlie girls.

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