Sunday, May 11, 2008


At 29, I was still suffering zits. They are not as bad as my high school zits, which came in an army's size, right on the two chubby cheeks! My adult zits are much more sneaky: just when my skin gets smooth and bump-free, a red giant would appear out of no where - one VERY noticeable, VERY inflated Mr. Pimple!
When hubby and I went to Vancouver, I was treated to a fabulous facial and there I learned the ultimate zit free trick: toner. But beware, this only applies to oily skins.
Like anything in life, skin needs to be balanced. If your skin is already oily. And if you use a face wash everyday. Your skin will become even more oily, because face wash contains acid. Acid creates oil creates pimple.
To balance this out, I was suggested to use a toner, which contains base. Of course I refused to spend my week's allowance on products at the spa. But I did get Neutronega's toner, which worked like a charm! For two months, the zit monster has not visited! Even hubby got hooked and continues to rave about the toner's performance.
Ladies...if you are oily like me, and haven't found cure for that ugly, embarrassing adult acne, perhaps a bottle of toner is all you are missing!

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