Tuesday, May 13, 2008


On general, these are the times when a woman will change her body shape during a life time. In other words, get fat.
1) freshman year in college
2) first job
3) after first (second, third...) baby
4) after menopause

Oh yeah! I remember my first job! What an ass I developed then! From running to classes all day and partying all night in college, I became a walking advertisement for "office space".
Not only was I sitting idle for eight straight hours, I was snacking on fatty foods: donuts, bagels, anything from Hershey's...And those stuffed burgers at lunch didn't help.
Eventually I adopted the gym as my second home and better eating habits, including smart snacks at work. My ass really needs to appreciate my hard work for being able to squeeze it into size 1 (ok, 2)
And as for snacks, here are some better options:
- Wasabi peas or nuts, instead of potato chips
- Dried fruits (such as Craisens and dates), instead of chocolates
- Regular coffee, instead of specialties such as cafe mocha
- Drink water, whenever you feel like binging on anything

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