Monday, May 5, 2008


For a reality TV to be successful, it definitely needs drama, good-looking people, and something really interesting. My latest reality addiction is the Workout on Bravo, a show about LA gym owner Jackie Warner and her crew of trainers.

Because I love going to the gym, of course the show easily drew me in. But there are a few points that makes this show really entertaining:
Drama: The show is on its third season. Previously, Jackie had a relationship with one of her trainers. Now that she's with someone special, the tension between her and her old flame gets hotter, especially if they have to work together.
Good-looking Cast: That would be all the trainers. To note a few: the absolutely ripped up, ex ranger with dimples and six pack; The very boyish culinary arts graduate who is proudly gay and never seems to have a bad day; And of course, the infamous Jackie herself with sculpted biceps and wild blond hair.
Something Interesting: Besides the drama within the cast, did you know Jackie is gay? Yet behind her tough exterior, she really does care about her clients, her staff, and her passion to work out.

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