Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Caffe Ladro - Life in Seattle

Rainy days always send Seattleites to the nearest coffee shop. Blame it on our yuppy culture or our (in)famous weather (that makes people desperate for a jolt), coffee accompanies Seattle's unique personality like butter to bread.

While everywhere else (that I have visited) treat Starbucks as the coffee connoisseur. Here in Seattle, smaller, local coffee makers reign with their authentic brew. 

If you ever visit Seattle, I suggest stopping at Caffe Ladro. (Not "Cafe" but "Caffe," with two F's.) Its intimate atmosphere and friendly service became signature to Seattleites who prefer a cup of the best coffee around.

Still unconvinced? Just ask my mama friends, who spent hours with me at Ladro last Sunday. When a coffee shop is that comfortable, even busy mommies find themselves staying for a while.

Surprisingly, this time, the biggest cup wasn't mine.

Not a coffee person? Caffe Ladro also offers freshly baked goods every day.


Come in. Hang out. Where else can you go on a rainy day?


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