Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet MissesDressy - My Newest Sponsor

Have you noticed the banner above this post? It's bright, pink, and highlights this fashion and beauty blog's newest sponsor.

Meet MissesDressy!

Meet MissesDressy, one of the only dress shops that promises high end designer dresses at low prices.


Originated in Queens, MissesDressy has been delivering formal dresses and beautiful prom dresses to local women and teens since 2008.

Due to its rapid success, MissesDressy brought its store online, and its website thrived as well. It was voted one of New York's best secret shops by Time Out NY, and received the coveted Jovani Outstanding Website Award.

The MissesDressy Difference

So what exactly makes MissesDressy special? Here are a few things that stood out to me:
  • Over 100 trusted and recognizable designers. (Designers include Jovani and Terani.)
  • Large variety of products.
  • Impeccable service.
  • FREE international and domestic shipping. (Hard to beat.)
  • Lowest price guarantee.
  • And my favorite: EXCELLENT website that categorizes hundreds of products by occasion. Not only does this allow easy navigation for customers, it improves website's overall look and feel. 

My MissesDressy Picks, by Occasion.

Well, browsing MissesDressy was fun. After an hour, I finally composed some great choices:

Valentine's Day

 Wow him. 

Sherri Hill 2220

by Sherri Hill


Even if you weren't nominated for prom queen, all eyes will be on you.

La Femme 18825

by La Femme

Wedding Guest

Bride wears white; you wear black; both turn heads.

Jovani 71527

by Jovani Prom

Brides Maid

Finally! A brides maid dress that's not tacky.

Pretty Maids 22336

by Pretty Maids


 Make him fall in love all over again with a sexy LBD.

La Femme 16910

by La Femme Cocktail

    Thanks for reading about my newest sponsor.

For more beautiful designer gowns and dresses, visit MissesDressy at Missesdressy(dot)com.

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