Friday, January 4, 2013

What is Chevron Print? - A Fashion Blog Post

Happy Friday, everyone!

The shirt I'm wearing in this fashion blog post is from TJ Maxx. I bought it because its stretchy fabric fit a pregnant belly. You can check out my pregnancy fashion post here: Pregnancy Fashion.

what is chevron print

I know that in the Pregnancy Fashion blog post, I called the shirt's prints "Aztec." I was wrong. The print is "Chevron," and I love it still.

what is chevron print
I was super pregnant on the left. But hey, the shirt fit me just fine, and felt so comfortable.

what is chevron print

Because I didn't know much about chevron prints, I did a little research. Here's what I learned about this fabulous print.

Chevron Print is...



what is chevron print
A closer look.

Identified by: an inverted V.

Well-liked because: of its retro and funky vibe.

Most popular during: the 70's. (But it's coming back now.)

Historically found in: ancient art.

what is chevron print


Well, not the most thorough research, but hope the information helped others identify what a chevron print looks like.


Happy Friday.


Have a fantastic weekend!


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