Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion Blog Post - Matching Colors of Pink and Brown

As a fashion blogger, I often attempt new colors, but also revert to favorites once in a while. The combination of pink and brown is one of my favorite matching colors to wear.

In today's outfit, I layered a brown jacket over a dark pink dress. The two made an easygoing combo. I recommend matching these colors to anyone.

matching colors pink and brown

Question! Just why do pink and brown match so well? 

Check out my reasons:

1. Pink and brown share the attribute of versatility.

Both pink and brown are versatile colors. When two versatile colors come together, good things happen.

2. They contrast each other, ideally.

Pink is girlie; brown is earthy. Pink livens up brown while brown tones down pink. Opposites attract.

3. Darker shades of pink are warm like brown.

If you wear darker pink (closer to red on the color spectrum), then it is considered a warm hue, and so is brown.

4. Last but certainly not least, chocolate and strawberries are sooooooooooooo good together!

Okay, this is not a reason. But it's true, right? :o)

matching colors pink and brown

matching colors pink and brown

matching colors pink and brown

Matching colors of pink and brown -- good combo.


Any more reasons you'd like to add?



  1. I do like pink and brown and also red and brown! Definitely a great look.

  2. Ha, I hadn't thought about chocolate and strawberry but it's so true. Your outfit, makeup and hair are pitch-perfect in this post! I've got weddings on the brain and this would a great colour scheme for a fall affair.

    Cream can blend in nicely with these as an accent colour.

  3. I love the outfit. All this time I assumed you quit posting because nothing is showing on my blog feed! You're the second blogger that I have had it do that with.

  4. Never though pink and brown would compliment each other but you've proved me wrong, you look great by the way :)


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