Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Resolute - A Life in Seattle Blog Post

New year, new you. And new me too

Congrats on all you have accomplished in 2012. Here's to a better 2013!

What's your New Year's resolution? I'm dying to know. Just in case you are interested, here are my goals for next year, and how I plan to accomplish them all.

Resolution 1: Eat a Cleaner Diet


With proponents like Dr. Oz and Hollywood celebrities, clean eating has taken the nation by storm, including Seattle. Dominated by highly nutritious foods, clean eating is not just a fad, but a lifestyle. 

This year, I resolute to master it! 

How to Accomplish?

1. Read a clean eating book. Instead of blindly following pre-constructed menus, I want to fully understand the reasons, benefits and tricks behind the movement.

2. Eat mostly nutritious and non processed foods. Fruits and veggies: come in, come in.

3. Drink sufficient fluid. According to MayoClinic.com, adequate intake for a woman is 2.2 liters (about nine cups) per day.

Resolution 2: Adopt a Frugal Lifestyle

Seattle is expensive, especially for an one-income family like ours. Though we have done well cutting costs, I'd like to do more in 2013.

How to Accomplish?

1. Set -- and follow -- an expense budget for groceries, entertainment, and other areas of spending.

2. Eat out less. Instead of eating out once a week, do it once every other week. This way, we'll save at least $75 per month.

3. Use coupons. 

One excellent site I found is www.couponmomdad.com (or www.couponmomdad.com/free-grocery-coupons.)

Resolution 3: Get a Fitter Body

Giving birth was quite an accomplishment in 2012, but it also left 10 pounds of excess fat. This year, no more getting pregnant (thank heavens!) and no more extra weight. I plan to get my postpartum body into tip top shape.

How to Accomplish?

1. Loose weight by doing 20 minutes of cardio, four times a week.

2. Build muscle by lifting 30 minutes, three times a week.

3. To spice things up, try different workouts like pilates or yoga.

4. Create a fitness twitter account to connect with other fitties online.

That's all for now, girlies.


Hope everyone is enjoying a fantastic new year.


What are your resolutions? And how do you plan to accomplish them?



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