Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Blog Post - A Bag Lady's Perfect Bag

Carrie Bradshaw may have been the shoe gal, but I'm the bag lady. My fascination for purses, handbags and such began when I was wee big. As I started making my own money, a bag collection developed, with a few favorites expanding into a case full. 

Now that I have the quantity, I search more for quality -- something versatile, long lasting, rare, and isn't defined by designer labels.

Surprisingly, this bag lady's perfect bag comes from Saddleback Leather, a leather products store that sells more western than fashion. But its women's handbag is flawless, with all the qualities I look for. However unlikely the store, I may just have fallen in love with its bag.

Product retails at $131.00

Qualities of a Bag Lady's Perfect Bag:

1. Seamless Stitching

Nothing looks more tasteless than uneven stitching. Though stitching is small details, tidiness exemplifies pride and quality.

2. Unique Details

There are millions of bags out there. Really nice ones too. The bag I'm looking for has to stand out from everyone else. Small features like buckles, shapes, or patterns are all important to a bag's uniqueness.

3. Versatility

Good bags cost money. If I spend a handsome amount on an accessory, it better match 90% of my clothes. A bag with simple design, structured form and classic features wins over anything trendy.

4. Unrivaled Lasting Power

All bags from Saddleback Leather have a 100 year warranty.

5. Workable Color

Like No. 3, versatility is important. This includes color. Tan, nude or cognac are all workable colors.

6. It Tells a Story

Unlike brand names, Saddleback Leather's owner, Dave, traveled around South America with one single bag that he kept perfecting. (The bag survived underwater too.) And when his 15-minute bull riding career ended, his bag career began. 

On Saddleback's web site, Dave shares his story with Saddleback Leather, often including bits of family life and traveling. His bags are not the product of some assembly line, but a design of love and excellence.

You can read Dave's story here


Gorgeous, isn't it?

A work of art.

Thank you for reading.


What qualities do you look for in a bag?

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