Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fashion Blog Post - Chillax-ing in Ethnic Prints

Chillax, an urban term meaning to chill and relax, is exactly what I did last weekend. 

On a rather rainy and sleepy Sunday, a couple of mama friends and I hung out in Uptown (formerly known as "Lower Queen Anne"), and chillaxed at a coffee shop. We are sooooooooooo Seattle :O) !

I dressed in comfy khakis and a cotton blouse with ethnic prints. Nothing special about this outfit, except it was super chillax-ing. I also liked the shirt's ethnic prints.

Okay, girlie. Let's smile a little.

Now that's better.
Is this what you look like when your toddler misbehaves?

Helloooooooooo! Over here!

Lastly, a closer look at the pretty prints intricately stitched on the fabric.

Happy Sunday, girlies!

Will you be chillax-ing today?


  1. I had a pretty relaxed weekend since I was recovering from a bad cold.

  2. Thanks for your comment xoxo! ;) you look pretty


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