Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fashion Blog Post - Swimsuit Trends of 2013

While sifting through my favorite fashion blogs, I noticed that swimsuit trends of 2013 are showing up everywhere. Is summer creeping up on us? 

While Seattle's fashion scene still boasts riding boots and hoodies, a good fashion blogger like myself cannot help looking ahead. After all, sunny weather isn't far away, even for a rainy place like Seattle.
All photos provided by Elite Fashion Swimwear, the ultimate web store for swimsuits, lingerie and bikinis 2013.

Swimsuit Trends of 2013

1. Tribal

 Boho chic gone sexy.

2. Gold Hardware

A collaboration of brilliance and beauty.

3. Fringe

Fun, flirty, and dimensional.

4. Braided

This summer, intricate details count.

5. Spider Web

Oh what a tangled web we weave! And how gorgeous it looks.


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Looking forward to summer yet?


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  1. The gold hardware and braided suits are absolutely delectable! I'd love to know the brands/prices of these (and probably weep, but anyways...)


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