Friday, January 11, 2013

Fashion Blog Post - 5 Steps to a Bustier You

For those of you who are not well-endowed: FAKE IT! There is no reason to miss out on having a buxom bosom. 

Follow the steps below, and be on the way to a bustier you.

Step 1: Find the Right Bra Size

The wrong bra size makes you look saggy. Next time you pass a lingerie store, ask the sales rep to measure you for both cup and bust.

Step 2: Wear the Right Bra with the Right Clothes

Certain types of bra are for certain types of clothes. For example, a full cup looks good under a tunic, while a halter neck looks better with halter tops or low cuts.  

Wearing the right bra flatters your shape; Wearing the wrong one makes you look smaller or even inappropriate.

If you need a comprehensive list of bra types, check out Tempestra bras. It is a web store that offers a huge variety of sexy lingerie and shape wear for women.

Step 3: Add Enhancement

Sometimes you just need a boost. Try a natural-looking cleavage enhancer that easily slips into bra cups to provide instant lift.

Step 4: Use Makeup

Apply bronzer or shimmer in between your breasts to create deeper gap. This enhances cleavage.

Step 5: Try a Bra Clip

Bra clips hide bra straps when you wear razor back tops by tying bra straps together in the back. In addition to concealment, they also lift breasts and make them bigger and perkier.


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  1. Pretty nice bras. I think its really made for small chest. I'm a 34A and I love the padding...not too much, just enough to boost without looking weird.
    Goes good with my wedding dress. I would recommended wonderbra 7637


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