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Elizabeth Arden Millenium Night Renewal Cream Review - Skin Care Blog Post

Elizabeth Arden Millenium line is for older skin -- a reason why I waited several years to try it. Now that I am almost 35, and seeing visible aging in skin, it's time to give this potent night cream a try.

After a few weeks with Elizabeth Arden Millenium night cream, I am impressed. Please read my thorough review below.

Elizabeth Arden Millenium

Elizabeth Arden Millenium


Elizabeth Arden Millenium Night Renewal Cream Review

 Price: $30 - 40 for a 1.7 ounce jar.

Quality and Performance

  • EXCELLENT quality and performance. 
  • Really. I LOVED this night cream.
  • Cream lathered on smoothly, and immediately surged skin with moisture.
  • Skin felt soft and supple after use.
  • Cream also lasted all night, giving skin long-term protection.
  • I woke up with dewy and moisturized skin.
  • Bravo, Elizabeth Arden!     


  • Like I said, cream felt fantastic on skin.
  • However, if you like a fast-drying cream, this is not it.
  • Cream is thick, and will stay gooey all night.   

Elizabeth Arden Millenium
Super rich formula.

Elizabeth Arden Millenium
Smooth application.


  • No irritations at all.


  • Product does contain a faint fragrance. 
  • Personally, I don't mind it. For the most part, it smells neutral.


  • Available in most U.S stores, including T.J Maxx, Marshall's, and Sam's Club.


  • Love the packaging.
  • First of all, I've a thing for glass jars. I think they exude luxury.
  • The boxy glass jar looked classy and fancy.
  • Twist top was easy to use.
  • Also, product came with a little scooper. (I'll end up losing it, but it's cool to use for now.)   
Elizabeth Arden Millenium
Easy twist top.

Elizabeth Arden Millenium
Came with a tiny scooper.

Overall Likes

  • Great quality and performance.
  • Long lasting power.
  • Super moisturizing.
  • Lathers on smoothly.
  • Rich formula.
  • No irritations.
  • Beautiful glass jar.  

Overall Dislikes

  • None. Honest!

Overall Rating





Elizabeth Arden Millenium


Elizabeth Arden Millenium
Soaked in moisture.

Have you used Elizabeth Arden Millenium line before?


Any thoughts?



  1. I haven't used it before, but it sounds good. I have heard of this brand. Btw I also love glass jars, maybe because everything is made of plastic these days. Plus a friend of mine, who is a doctor, told me that they often pack stuff in the plastic jars or bottles while they're still hot, so all the toxins get inside the food or drink or whatever it is.

  2. Ooh that definitely sounds amazing! I love that they give you a little scooper, definitely good for helping get into the jar. That's the only problem I have with jars, once you are away from the top its impossible to get stuff out without making a mess ;)

  3. Never used any Elizabeth Arden products actually ;-)
    Lovely, detailed review. I will certainly be popping by more regularly.
    TYSM for your lovely comments over at mine; really appreciated x

  4. I haven't heard of Millenium but I LOVE 8 hour cream. I think it's one of those products that will live forever! I'm still relatively young so could probably wait a few years before trying it. Looks good though.

  5. It definitely looks like a winner!!! I've heard great things about their products. Excellent review!

  6. Wow this looks great :) looove the packaging xx

  7. oh wow, i really want to try the Elizabeth Arden Millennium, it looks like it's something I'm definitely going to love! i'm glad it works so amazing, i find it really hard to find a great quality night cream, so thanks alot! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO


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