Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ergo Baby Carrier Fashion - What to Wear with an Ergo - Fashion Blog Post

Home sweet home.


After a week of fun in the sun, our family finally returned to Seattle. Southern California was warm and wonderful, but nothing feels better than coming home.

A quick snap at the hotel parking lot before Disneyland.

And what did you do in SoCal?

Let's see...

A lot of beaches, parks, and being active. 

I have a two-and-a-half-year old, and everyday was packed with physical activities. I also have a little baby, who must be carried during the toddler's running around. 

To accommodate such mobility with a baby, I always resort to an Ergo baby carrier. Other than electricity -- and maybe post-it's -- ergo is the best invention yet. It allows you to walk around hands-free, and creates a comfortable space for the little one to snuggle and fall asleep.

Think about it: a toddler is hard enough to handle. Isn't it nice to not have to worry about the baby?

Can you believe people in L.A wore ski jackets that day? It was 60's and sunny.


But you can't look cute with a baby carrier...can you?

Why not.

If Pamela Anderson can make millions with a pair of oversized knockers, you can look cute wearing an Ergo baby carrier. (Or any baby carrier, in fact.)

You just have to find the right things to wear.

Oh! So you are an expert now. ** Rolls eyes **

No, no. Not an expert. Never claimed to be. But I do have a few years of (fresh) experience. I make suggestions only to help new moms out. If you are open to hearing me out, then please continue reading.

What to wear with an Ergo baby carrier (or perhaps all baby carriers):



1. Long tops.


Because baby carriers, especially Ergos, have a lot of straps in the back. Shorter tops look sloppy with all those lines, belts and buckles. Long shirts, on the other hand, look tidier.

A lot of bells and whistles in the back.

2. Layer.


With a baby snuggling next to you, it gets warm -- often too warm for a coat or jacket. However, you don't want to be cold either, so layering works well.

3. Lean bottoms.

Because wearing a baby creates massive volume. Therefore, it is better to keep your legs, the bottom half, lean and clean.

Try dark leggings or skinny jeans.

Baby slept for hours as the rest of us enjoyed a day at the park.

4. Flat shoes.


Because they are comfortable, and aren't accident-prone. Don't want to topple over with the baby, do you?

Words cannot express how much I love these boots. So what they are flat?

Additional ideas.

The outfit in the pictures above was what I wore to Disneyland. It was an all-day outing, and I felt comfortable the entire time.

If you are looking for more ideas, below are additional suggestions. The clothes came from Tucci Designer Clothing, a UK-based fashion and accessories store for men and women. The store carries comfortable, affordable everyday stuff that a mom like myself can appreciate. Please check out Tucci at

In case it gets cold -- Seattle cold, not L.A cold -- how about a long hoodie?

Floral Kaftan and leggings will never go wrong.
For a colorful alternative to dark skinnies, try red.

TOMS is extremely comfortable. But sequined TOMS? LOVE!

Dress shorts over tights - for the trendy mom.

Thanks for reading.


And sorry if I have missed your latest posts. Kinda hard keeping up during a busy vacation.


But I will stop by as soon as possible.


Did you enjoy the suggestions? (Hope so.)




  1. Nice post! :D I was JUST at Disneyland... on Sunday! lol :p

    Hope you had a blast. And I'm sure your baby slept very well in her cushy ergo!

  2. Awesome photos, and you look so great. Loving that neon sweater.

  3. Hahahah, loved this post.
    "If Pamela Anderson can make millions with a pair of oversized knockers, you can look cute wearing an Ergo baby carrier."- so true :D
    You always look so pretty and stylish and have the greatest tips on everything ^_^

  4. Great photos, love your outfit!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  5. Looks great,honey!Have a great day!

  6. you look adorable!

    wish you a loving romantic Valentine's!


  7. Taking care of kids while on a family vaca. You are one hardworking mom!

    7% Solution​

  8. i really like those boots, too! those baby carriers ARE great inventions, BUT my son did NOT fit in them, seriously! he was too big and too heavy!

    welocme back :)

  9. Cute outfit! I love that cardigan.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. I would love to go to California. I love your cardigan. The print and colors are pretty.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  11. I like your cardigan, super cute! I never tried the baby pack thing; then again I only have one kid, so that's a little easier than trying to juggle two! Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Where is the floral kaftan from? I need one of these for my beach vacations.

  13. Looking so full of energy and the outfit is awesome and trendy! I can't believe how in shape you look after delivering!!Thats fantastic!

  14. So glad you had a great time! Love your outfit! The colors were so pretty!


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