Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Get Out of a Bad Mood Fast? (Fashion Blog Post)

Seattle really does have 50 shades of gray

From October to July, it's either overcast or rainy. No wonder we are such coffee junkie here.

The never ending gloom can certainly effect one's mood. But don't worry, my trick to get out of a bad mood fast is to wear bright clothes. Somehow, brighter outfits always put me in a sunnier state of mind.

Got my yellow top for $7 at Ross.

The scarf was a gift from mom. I like its long fringes. They are fun.

A little windy today. Hair all over the place.

The dark jeggings looked perfect with the top.

Alright, last post before getting blown away.

Other ideas on how to fend off a gloomy day, and get out of a bad mood fast? Here are some:

Bright Accessories

The accessories below are from Ever Me, an Australian web store that offers quality, name brand hand bags, clutches and accessories for both work and play.

Olympia oversized flap over clutch By Kardashian Kollection

Melie Bianco Pyramid iPad/tablet case By Melie Bianco

Melie Bianco Cameron bucket-style tote with woven strap and fringe By Melie Bianco

Bright Foods

How can food not put you in a better mood? Especially if the food is a healthy bowl of bright-colored fruits.

Fruit salad - yum!

Bright Makeup

Another way to lighten up? Wear something bright on your face.

Burberry lipstick in Honey Suckle.

Thanks for reading.

How do you get out of a bad mood?


  1. A cup of hot mocha is always brighten up my day. You look great for being a new Mom, T. Hope you and your girls are doing well!

  2. Bright colours and patterns always makes me happy. I really love your beautiful scarf! :-)

  3. Love love that scarf. Specially against the canary tee.

  4. I live in the Seattle area too, & most everything I own is a BRIGHT color.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  5. The bright T and complementary scarf is bound to put anyone in a good mood! I agree that bright colors are key. And the bright fruit is good too. It's so easy in winter to not eat fresh foods like that, but they do make us feel better!

  6. I LOVE fruit! It's so tasty and healthy!

    I love the colors of your outfit! You can pull of yellow really well!


  7. Thanks for you comment in my blog :) I like a lot your tutorials and tips, so useful!


  8. Aww this was such a helpful post, living in Ireland I know how you feel about the grey weather :( definitely going to take the fruit one on board and as usual you look gorgeous, love the shade of your top on you!

    A little bit Unique


  9. love your tips! and that sunny yellow top!

  10. such a cute post!
    you look lovely!


  11. This outfit is so cute! I love the combination of the yellow top with that scarf, and you look awesome!!

  12. Your blog is adorable and so are you. I LOVE your outfit!!

  13. Your blog is adorable and so are you. I LOVE your outfit!!

  14. Oh yes, brighter clothes do the trick. We haven't had a sunny day here since two weeks, people are getting veeeery depressed -_-

  15. Your blog is amazing! Love it so much))
    You have a new follower here! Hope you'll do the same for me, dear!
    Have a great day!


  16. I love your scarf! The bright colors make me happy - as intended ahahha ;)

  17. Great post! Sometimes its so easy to get stressed out and feel like there's nothing to get you out of the bad mood. I'll definitely try these!

    Black and Vanilla

  18. I'm so ready for spring! bright colors light weight clothing and fresher fruits. Anyway I love your scarf!


  19. you're right! always go for COLOR!

  20. I try to workout, do something I love, or force myself to be positive! Great post, hun xx - Boho Vanity

  21. i love the colors here...the purple scarf is beautiful against the yellow! i have a yellow sweater that i like to wear on gray days :)


  22. I think your yellow top is also a great way to solve a gloomy day... though most every day is bright and sunny in Arizona.

    7% Solution​


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