Friday, February 15, 2013

My Wish List from Kranich's Jewelers

With only two hours of free time today, I caught up on emails, as well as a few of my favorite fashion, beauty and skin care blogs. (By the way, if I haven't been to your blog yet, I apologize for the delay. Will be there soon.)

One of my unread emails from last week was a LinkedIn invitation from Social Media Project Manager Anita D*. She manages social media for Kranich's Jewelers, who specialize in time pieces, estate jewelry, gemstones and designer jewelry. 

I browsed a few products from Kranich's wide assortment of selections, and was thoroughly impressed. Everything looked classic, elegant and beautiful. No wonder Kranich's Jewelers has such a rich history. (It was established in 1903, by the way.)

I liked Kranich's products so much that I decided to share them in today's wish list post. Hope you find them as desirable as I did.

For my daughter:

My oldest daughter received a set of pearls as heirloom -- a tradition among the girls in our family.

I'd really like to continue that with our youngest daughter too.

I love this ring for its delicacy -- the tiny drop of pearl rests perfectly in between the metal. I wish it for her, for one day to come.

14K white gold 5mm pearl diamond ring. $167.00

For my husband:


My husband owns nice watches, but there is always room for more. I don't know what it is, but a well-dressed man with a shiny watch always makes me soft. I think this one by Burberry will look quite sexy on him.

Burberry men's swiss brown leather strap watch BU2354.

For my mom:

A woman needs her mother the most after she becomes a mother herself. My mom was certainly there for me. Only after I had children of my own did I truly appreciate my mother for all she gave.

I am a piece of her, as my daughters are pieces of me.

I think a pendant (with a loving embrace) like the one below should represent how much I love and need her.

Mother and child pendant. $494.50.

For my Godson:

Though I don't see him much, I'll always be there for him. (Little J lives all the way in NJ.)

When he is ready, I'd like to upgrade his original cross to something with more bling.

Gold and diamond cross. $626.77.

Lastly, for myself:

Once a girlie girl, always a girlie girl. This bracelet looks pink, perfect, and so-me.

Belle Etoile heart in mine pink bangle. $595.00.

Thanks for reading.


To create a wish list of your own, visit Kranich's Jewelers here.


Happy Friday! 

* Person's name was changed to protect her privacy. 



  1. I really like the bracelet you picked for yourself. ALSO I would totally wear that burberry watch even though it's for Men. :)

  2. Nice wishlist! These items are all amazing! Love the watch, the pearl ring and the bracelet! They could be a classy gift! kisses and happy friday! xo

  3. Lovely wishlist!
    That bangle is so fun!


  4. Aw, lovely items! Some are really pricey but I'm sure they are worth it! Im hoping for some pretty things this year from some special people and I too want to go shopping for the ladies in my family! Thanks for sharing, Im a huge fan of pearls, I think they're timeless!

  5. They have really pretty designs. I'm a pearl girl. Love that ring.

  6. Some amazing stuff you picked!

    Xo, Imke


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