Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Do Asian Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Bigger - Value Shift Technique - Beauty Blog Post

How to do Asian eye makeup? 

First of all, all Asian women want their eyes to look bigger. Double lids, mono lids -- doesn't matter. To us, bigger is better.

Value Shift Technique 

An eye makeup technique that I have been using is called Value Shift. It is done by applying darkest to lightest eye shadows from the lash line up.

Not only does the Value Shift technique make eyes look bigger, it provides a smoldering, smokey look too.

How to do Asian eye makeup with value shift technique?

Want to try it yourself? Just follow the steps below.

Using: Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in "Don't Steal My Thunder."


Step 1

Line upper and bottom lash line with dark eye liner.

Step 2

Using an eye liner brush, smudge upper liner with darkest shadow color.

Step 3

Using an eye shadow brush, apply medium color to the crease, or the area just below the brow bone.


Step 4

Using a blending brush, apply lightest color all over brow bone.


Step 5

Curl lashes and apply mascara.



Very simple. Very effective.


I highly recommend the value shift technique, whether you are Asian or not.


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How do you make eyes appear bigger?



  1. Hi, thank you for such a nice information!:)
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  2. I think I use this technique for smokey ides. I didn't know it was called the Value Shift technique.

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  3. Cool post once again, and very helpful :P

  4. great tutorial :) i basically do the same thing.. but i wish i had big eyes like yours wahh!! your eyes are so pretty and big!

  5. Gorgeous, and great tutorial, I really like your eyeliner.

  6. Excellent tutorial and unless you at Asian, and specifically Asian from the north and east region you will not understand! I do something similar but my shadow doesn't go all the way up, I tried it once and it felt too overwhelming but it was a purple which is my least favorite eyeshadow colour.

  7. I'm in love with your Asian eyes dear, I think they are so sweet and beautiful:) I've enjoyed your tips, will follow as well!:) Kisses! xo

  8. This is really interesting :) i didnt know this was the technique used,, i suppose if i wanted bigger eyes id probably apple white liner to the water line or something basic like that, and a darker shadow in my lower lash line :) maybe doing that plus ur technique would be even better lol? X

  9. Awh thanks for the little tutorial! Looks effective and straightforward! I like using white eyeliner to make my eyes brighter and perkier! ^^

  10. ooh... i got to try this! thanks for the tutorial!



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