Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Preppy - Fashion Blog Post

Sorry. Trash day.

I must apologize for the embarrassing background of these pictures. The day these were taken was trash day, hence all the garbage cans

Then, wind.

When my husband (a.k.a photographer) came home, he had mere minutes to take pictures for me. I dressed hurriedly only to catch the first gust of an all-night storm. It was cold, wet, and entirely uncomfortable. Can't you see it in my forced smile?

The preppy outfit.

I've never been the preppy, clean cut type. Perhaps that's why I like Seattle's so much. (Yes, believe the hype. It's grunge here.) But I do like the classic American style of collared tee and "happy" colors.

If you feel that going preppy is a bit...young, try adding a jacket.

At this point, rain drops were flying side ways.

That darn piece of hair!

Okay, gotta go. No need to be perfect. This is just a blog anyway :O)


 Sorry for the short fashion blog post, everyone.

Busy weekend ahead.


Happy Friday! 



  1. hahahha cute captions, loved the last pic and you really look sweet here :) cheers!

  2. Hahaha, so so true! Taking photos in a hurry is a pain in the ass!
    Great and cute looky btw. :-)

  3. you look amazing! cannot even tell you gave birth to a baby cos youre body just reverted back to its normal. I hope when im preggos my body will do the same haha oxx

  4. No worries, I quite enjoy this look! Sorta smart, youthful and I think anyone can carry it off!

  5. I think you look cute here! I don't think I dress preppy (because that's too much maintenance in the ironing) but I do like bright colors.

  6. The jacket looks lovely on you, the colour really suits you :). I think you really suit the style, even if it's not to your usual taste :). Hope the storm blew over quickly! xx

    Almost Delightful


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