Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Save Money on Beauty and Skin Care - Skin Care Blog Post

True Story:

In college, I lived in a house with a "curious" girl, a gay guy, a basketball player from the Ivory Coast (who claimed that he is a diplomat's son, but we all knew he isn't), and an average white dude.

By the way, I was not on The Real World.

The gay guy and I got along the best.

We both love fashion, skin care, and cute boys. He is also equally as vain as I am. So you can imagine the pain he felt when I messed up his haircut

Luckily, Ricki* is smart, and suggested going to beauty school for a cheap fix. The students re-cut his hair, and did a wonderful job.

As Ricki enjoyed looking handsome again, I learned a bargain beauty trick -- beauty schools offer great cuts at a fraction of the price. In fact, many beauty schools offer discount services by students seeking real-life training.

Over the next 15 years, I learned other bargain beauty tricks. Read on to find out what they are.

How to Save Money on Beauty?

1. Tools Over Products

My Clarisonic brush is a treasure. Although it cost $200, it lasts a long time, and I haven't purchased expensive face wash yet.

Both expensive and drugstore face wash contain similar ingredients. It's your technique and tools that really cleans. 


2. Buy Like a Traveler

Not sure about a product? See if you can get a sample or travel-size version. Before making big purchases, test them in small doses.  

3. Groupon - It Works

So glad I finally got on the Groupon train. Some places offer half price services. 

4. Bartering Like the Olden Days

Trade your skill for service. It doesn't hurt to ask.

This is especially true for beauty and fashion bloggers. Why don't you propose trading a free review for service at a local salon? 

I have just been invited to review a local aesthetician. Can't wait.


5. Better Care = Less Spending

Honestly, if you take care of your skin everyday, you don't need facials all the time.

 Thanks for reading!

* Name was changed to protect person's privacy. 


  1. These are great tips, I got a clarisonic for christmas and I love it! I would have never bought one for myself because of the price but I'm so glad I have one now. :) And be careful groupon can become addicting.

  2. You always have great tips and real advise!

    xo Marie

  3. I never would have thought about having folk still in beauty school cutting my hair.
    Very useful post. Another simple tip you give, taking care of our skin on a regular basis.. I think people know it in the back of their mind, but when they have a period of bad skin, they still wonder why they do.
    I don't use high end skin care products either. I shop on, and with some browsing you can find amazing products that have the same or better ingredients than high end and for much cheaper. That sounded salesy, pardon that aspect.

  4. Great post and blog! I'm a new follower :)

    Kimberley x

    1. I love my clarisonic - thanks for all the tips too!

  5. SUch a great tip! Thanks for sharing it and great post! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. This was so usefull! I've never thought about the sample of travelsize, I really have to ask about that sometimes at my local Sephora :)

  7. Awesome tips!
    Must try Clarisonic!


  8. Great tips and ideas:)

  9. Im following u here too


  10. hola guapa
    esos truquitos están muy bien para harcerlos y ahorrarte dinerillo. Gracias guapa por visitar siempre mi blog.

  11. Nice post! Lucy

  12. I really want to try the Clarisonic - I'm still super curious about it! :) I guess it's definitely an investment product.

  13. Nice post,great tips.Would u like follow each other? Let me know. Kisses

  14. Some great tips. I love groupon for deals. I've started actually using a face mask at least once a week and noticed such a difference.



  15. Great tips! I've been considering the Clarisonic product. I'm going to look for it at my local Costco...fingers crossed!


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