Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hide Your Tummy Fashionably - How to Hide a Postnatal Belly with Clothes (Fashion Blog Post)

Trying to hide a postnatal belly? You and I both. 

Even after two months of rigorously working out, eight extra pounds and a "jelly belly" remain. Because sculpting the core takes months, I better get ready for the long haul. 

If you battle the same "jelly belly" as I do, try to hide your tummy with clothes in the mean time. Dressing properly erases inches off of your waist.

hide your tummy fashionably
In my typical "mommy wear" on Friday.

How to Hide a Postnatal Belly with Clothes:


hide your tummy fashionably

1. Don a long shirt.

Long shirts cover up bellies -- a no brainer.

Also, if you breastfeed, button ups provide convenience. 

2. Put on dark leggings.

They are sleek and comfortable. Elastic waist band, anyone?

3. Wear cool shoes.

A pair of sexy boots takes attention away from the middle area. 

4. Go dark with layering objects.

Layering with a dark jacket, cardigan or -- in my case here -- blazer cuts down your frame, which further slenderizes.

hide your tummy fashionably
A (surprisingly) sunny day again in Seattle.

hide your tummy fashionably
Side way pose - a must have for any fashion blog post.

hide your tummy fashionably
And here's my new pose - the downward look.

A postnatal belly is inevitable.


Make it "disappear" with proper dressing.


How do you hide your tummy fashionably?



  1. You look tiny, thin, and adorable--can't imagine you losing 8 lbs! You're right about clothes either being miraculous or disastrous, though, when it comes to the belly area. :)

  2. You look great! Baby pouch is really hard to get rid of :)

  3. Thanks for the tips, you look so adorable! Love the boots and the shirt! Kisses! xo

  4. very nice shirt!

  5. Great tips! and you look stunning in a simple yet stylish look! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. Love this post!! I'm trying to find ways to hide my tummy after having my son two months ago. Great tips!!


  7. you are fabulous. what a cool mum! love those boots on you!

    Couture Caddy x
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  8. Regardless of whether you have something to hide or not, I think this outfit works on everyone. Plaid shirt and dark leggings is just such a cool combination. The black blazer is something everyone must have in their closet!

  9. I also have some extra belly from having a baby. It's been 10 weeks since I had my little girl, and I have ~18 extra pounds yet and a squishy midsection. I have found something fitted under a looser but structured layer is working well, like you- looser blouse but fitted jacket. I have been avoiding knit stretchy tops without a top layer because they show all your lumps and bumps. Waist definition is key for me. I've found belting has really helped me get more of a figure, when before it always looked overdone because I wore clothing that was closer-fitting.

  10. I have a jelly belly too. Not postnatal, I just sit around and snack a lot :P

    These are some helpful tips for me and I agree with the the dark leggings point, they are such a style lifesaver!

    You are a gorgeous mum :)

  11. and it's very CHIC! love the longer shirt underneath the blazer.


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