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Seattle Girls - 10 Things You Should Know About Us - Fashion Blog Post

Besides Seattle's beautiful landscape, what lured my husband and I to move here is its unique character. Each neighborhood -- and there are many of them -- offers something different. 

Seattle's residents, often referred to as Seattleites, are also unique. It's like an unspoken rule here -- if you live in Seattle, you are proudly different.

After over five years of living here, I now consider myself a Seattle girl, adopting many of Seattleites' unique personalities -- and proud of it.

Soooooooo Seattle: taking your shirt off in 45-degree weather, just because it's sunny.

** List below is my personal opinion, and is supposed to be light-hearted.

Seattle Girls - 10 Things You Should Know About Us

1. We are not unfriendly, we are cold and wet. 

Please excuse our frigid expressions as you pass us by. We are just trying to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time, and without getting completely soaked. 

If you want to catch us in a friendly conversation, find us on a sunny day, or at the nearest coffee shop.

2. If you litter, you are dead to us.

So please recycle.

3. We spend a lot of time at Nordy's.

Nordy is not our boyfriend, by the way. Nordy is short for Nordstrom.

4. We have nice legs.

They are from involuntary hiking. Seattle is very hilly.

5. No matter what ethnicity you are, we are open to dating you.

Seattle is a culturally-integrated city, and we pride ourselves on being open-minded.

6. We like to layer. 

Please see fashion blog post pictures.

7. The words "sustainable" and "eco" are music to our ears.

8. We treat our Hunter boots like Manolos.

9. We would spend three hours at the thrift store, digging for "treasure," but drop $300 on a Patagonia jacket in the blink of an eye.

Why? I don't know. We just would.

10. If you want to meet us, better skip the dance club and join a book club.

Can't expect enduring friendships from clubbing buddies anyway, right?

Soooooooo Seattle: running in rain.

Soooooooo Seattle: complaining about the Seattle Freeze, and then "freeze" someone.

Soooooooo Seattle: freaking out at the slightest sign of snow.


Thanks for reading!


What are quirky characteristics about girls in your city?



  1. This is great! Short, sweet and funny!!

  2. LOL! Your post made me smile :) I've lived in Seattle now for about 10 months! I've been eyeing those Hunter boots and that will be my next big purchase.

    I usually walk with my hood up because yes, I am running from point A to B in the drizzle.

    My heart sings with joy whenever the scraps I'm tossing out are all compost friendly. I love it here, and I'm happily turning into a Seattleite. :)

  3. Love the blazer on you and it was great getting those tips

    A little bit Unique


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  4. I love your blazer so cute. And it was fun to learn about Seattle people! :)

  5. I've been to many cities but Seattle remains one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  6. lol that is so funny.
    Love the color of your jacket.

  7. You have very interesting blog, dear! Love at the first sight <3
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  8. LOL
    it's such a fun post!

    I think one of the quirkiest characteristic of Bandung people is that we love cafes too much. you can find most teens wasting time away at cafes instead of restaurant. cheaper and cozier!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. Haha love your look and thoughts on what it's like to live in Seattle :)

  10. Haha, LOVE this post! Everything you say is so true :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  11. 4. We have nice legs.

    They are from involuntary hiking. Seattle is very hilly.

    Ha ha ha ha! Amen to that!

  12. I love those boots! And I've only been to Seattle once (scads, if you count airport layovers) and I definitely can attest to the love affair with Nordstrom.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  13. This was a fun post, gave me a few pointers I did not know about your city ladies. My husband has visited there and he did say it's one of his favorite cities in the US.
    Hm, I'm from the midwest and I'd say ladies here enjoy (nicely) when "outsiders" complain about our roller coaster weather. In the winter, it can be 25 one day and 60 the next.

  14. I love your outfit! & this is such a cool idea for a post! Sending love from Texas,

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  15. Such a cute look! Seattle sounds wonderful!! :)
    xo Noelle
    MakiMaki Vintage

  16. I've always wanted to know what it would be like to live in Portland... But I think you've sold me on Seattle. :)

  17. omg.. i love the fun fact about seattle.. would like to visit.
    thanks for the lovely comments,



  18. Love the first one, "we are not unfriendly...we are wet and cold!" ah haaa. And of course you look adorable!

  19. haha...I loved reading this! We've actually never been to Seattle but I've always wanted to go. While I always hear that the weather is crappy, everyone says it's a great city. I wouldn't even know where to begin with LA... :)

    A's Fashion Files
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  20. Fun post, Seattle sounds like my kind of place and you look absolutely stunning! :) x

  21. Love the blazer :)
    Thankyou for your opinion in my blog, apreciate it :)

    My blog By Joyce ♥

  22. Love this post!! It's so funny! I had no idea that you are also a Seattle transplant. :) Point #2 made me laugh. I still remember the first day of using disposable - sorry, biodegradable - cutlery here in Seattle and wondering why the teeth of the fork snapped off so easily. Definitely the first time I had ever used a fork made of corn/potato starch!

  23. I absolutely love the boots you are wearing. I have heard so many amazing things about Seattle, I'm dying to visit. xE

  24. i adore your outfit so much! great boots too :)
    and i really like this post, nice to know things about Seeattle girls :) point 9 is so hilarious, i'm probably like that too! haha.

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  25. Gorgeous outfit.. And tough questions.. I don't really know what london girl characteristics are.. Xx

  26. Super cute! I just passed my one year mark of being a Seattle girl, so I'm still getting into the rhythm, but this is awesome. :)

    Cable Car Couture

  27. LOL! Love this post and your cute outfit!

    O.C. Girls:
    - Flip Flops and Uggs ARE cute and perfectly acceptable year-round!
    - 68 degrees IS freezing!
    - Smile A LOT and talk loud! We're just happy from the sun and enthusiastic about life!

    IDK what else, but thought it'd be fun to play along! :)

    xx Vivian @

  28. i think i would fit into seattle just fine! and you look beautiful as always. love the all black look with a pop of color! have a good day pretty lady;)

  29. Great post. I love your jacket. In wales I couldn't be without my hunter's!



  30. The first one is definitely my favorite, and so true! XD
    As a 'stylish girl', people often want to compliment me on the street, and I'm just kind of like "Ohthankyouverymuchnicetomeetyoubye!" -scurry-


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